Monday, February 18, 2019

On Our Way to Arrey

There have been some problems along the way on this trip.  We left Quartzsite a day earlier than planned, on Tuesday, the 12th because we wanted to leave ahead of the rain storm expected.  We couldn't make a reservation for either of the Elks Lodges we were hoping to visit (in Tempe or in Chandler), so we tried to get into an RV park in Gila Bend.  They also don't take reservations, but one person told us that if we got there before 11:00 am we could pretty much count on getting a site.  We packed up early and got there by 10:30 but the man at the park said they had only had ONE vacancy and it had already been filled!  We were really disappointed, but we had no choice except to move on.  We called ahead and found a vacancy at the Elks lodge in Casa Grande, so that's where we went.  We had been there before, and we knew it would be dry camping, but the people there were really great.  There was only one other RV there, so we picked a site and got set up.  Unfortunately, we were NOT able to get a TV signal from that site.  The next morning the other camper left, so we packed up and moved to the site he had, and we were able to get the TV signal perfectly!  We had planned to leave there on Friday morning,but  they were going to have a Valentine's day party on Friday night, so we stayed over until Saturday morning.  They had a really nice dinner and a country music band for dancing.  It was very, very nice, and the decorations were pretty too.  
The picture on the right was the centerpiece on the tables, with a ting floating candle in it.  Very cute.

This is a drink special they called a Bubble Kiss.  It was champagne and cranberry juice, and it was quite delightful.
Here is a picture of the band that played there that night.  We had not danced in many months, and although we had a wonderful time dancing that night, the following day we felt the "agony of de-feet".
 On Saturday morning we were taking our time packing up to leave because we only had about 50 miles to go to get to the park we are in now........however, Saturday was the beginning of Casa Grande Cowboy Days, and the lodge parking lot was filling up with motorcycles and riders.  One of them advised Jim that if we wanted to leave we should hurry and go before 11 am or we would be stuck there for several more hours.  We hurried and got out of there by 10:30 am, and after stopping to get gas, we got here to this park in Marana before noon.  This park has been inundated with rain for several days, so it is rutted and muddy but we got a site that was "high and dry".  After we got here, we found out that the water is not drinkable because of high levels of nitrates, so yesterday we drove to a Wal-Mart in Tucson and bought two cases of bottled water.   We are staying here until tomorrow, because today it's snowing in Bowie, which is where we are going next.  We are trying to stay ahead of the bad weather, so we will go to Bowie on Tuesday, then on Wednesday to a park called Dream Catcher RV Park in Deming for one night.   We prefer to stay a few nights before moving on, but we would like to get to Arrey on Thursday, and get settled in before the next storm gets there.....predicted on Friday.  

Our hearts, and our prayers go out to the many people who have suffered so much with the unusually bad weather that has occurred across much of this country recently.  Power outages during freezing cold weather, flooding with buildings collapsing, and major mud slides are just a few of the problems people have had to deal with in many areas of the country.  This is a street up in 
Silent Valley. My dear friend 
Diane Hubert took this 
picture showing how bad it was last week.
The picture on the right shows the road washed out on CA highway 243 going up above Silent Valley to Idyllwild.    Many places in California have had mud slides in the areas that were on fire just a few months ago.  Last night they had to close the Grapevine because of snow and ice. The Grapevine is Interstate 5 which runs north and south through California all the way to Washington state. Travelers were stranded in their cars overnight in the cold.  We have been inconvenienced by all this rain, but we are reminded to put things in proper perspective, and pray for those who are in much worse conditions than we are.  
We are very happy that we will be in Arrey soon.  The owner/manager Janice is a dear friend to us.  She is doing things to make the park a better place to live.  She even has a beautician who comes there once a month for anyone who would like her services.
Janice looks really great, and is happy with the trim 
and blond highlights she 
got from the beautician.  
Wow!!!   It was so chilly the other day that Millie had to wear socks to keep her feet warm.  So cute!
On Valentine's Day Pastor Paul sent this to us.  It was so nice and I wanted to share it with all of you. Almost everyone I know is familiar with John 3:16, but this is such a great way to look at it.  It's easy to forget this message, so we all need to be reminded of it.  When times seem to be at their worst, God has a plan for us.  I've said it before, and most surely I will say it again:  please remember that we are where we are because this is where God wants us to be.  He has a purpose for everything that happens, so if you are confused or afraid, please don't assume everything is out of control.  Just because WE don't understand His plan does not mean He isn't in control.  Instead of being afraid, or depressed, please remember John 3:16 and know that He loves us, and He will lead us through whatever troubles we are facing today.  

Have a good day, and keep the Faith.  Stay warm and dry.  Watch out for the dangers of this bad weather, and if you have friends, family or neighbors that are shut-ins, please check on them to make sure they are OK.  Thank you and  good bye until next time.  Be happy!  😊😊😊

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