Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pies, Pies, Pies and More

As promised, yesterday Ric took us to Pie Town.  I do have to say that it was a very long way to go for a piece of we each had two pieces!  One of the nice things about being old is that we can eat what we want, when we want, and we did. 
This is the Pie Town Cafe, but Ric decided we should eat at Pie-O-Neer Pies, which we did.

The picture on the right is what you see when you come in the door.  You pick up a tray and select the pie you want.  On the first round I just got a piece of yummy, warm banana cream pie, and Jim, of course, got chocolate cream pie.  I had wanted to get Boston Cream Pie, but since that is not really a pie, they don't offer it.  Alas, I will have to make my own.  The next one I got was starry blueberry pie......and Jim had another piece of chocolate cream pie.  Both Jim and Ric had to have the same tee shirt, which I will show in a minute.  Since I bought myself a tee shirt in Hatch last week, which I was wearing yesterday, I decided I really didn't need another new tee.  After we got home, Jim tried his on, and Janice took this picture of us.
As you can see, his shirt says "Peace of Pie" and amusingly, the mirror image would say "Pie fo Peace".  I'm wearing my chili pepper tee, and matching necklace and earrings!!!

But now I have gotten a bit ahead of my story.  To get to Pie Town, we drove north on I-25 to the town of Socorro, then drove west on Highway 60.  It is a very beautiful drive through some really amazing countryside.  There is an area where we saw some antelopes, but they were too far away to get a picture of them.  There were also warnings of elk crossings, but Ric says one is more likely to see them around dusk.  I had seen signs that we were approaching VLA, so I asked Ric what that means.  He said it stands for Very Large Array.  I was still confused.  The area is a huge open area where the government has set up a few dozen items that look like satellite dishes, for the purpose of listening for sounds from outer space!

This is a row of the devices as seen from the road.  I asked if they had detected any sounds, and Ric said yes, but mostly like explosions in space......not any little green men chatting.

Although it started out quite chilly, it was a really beautiful day, and the sights were wonderful.
We stopped on the way to read this historic marker.  I hope you will click on it so you can read about an amazing lady.
We stopped in a little store/cafe in Datil, which rhymes with Cattle, and used the restrooms before we went the rest of the way to Pie Town.  Besides the wonderful pies, there was some neat art work at the Pie-O-Neer restaurant.
 I was amused to see the silver, rotary dial phone on display here.
 I guess one man's art is another man's trash, but it was interesting.
On the left is a painting of one of the VLAs pointed at the moon.  I guess somebody wanted to hear the man in the moon talking.
This sign was outside the door at the Pie-O-Neer.  It should also have said that pie makes people very happy and sociable, because the folks there were a very nice group of individuals, both workers and guests.  They even had us sign into their guest book!
They also had an interesting collection of windmills outside, and an old car............kinda rusty though.

On the way back, we stopped for lunch at the Eagle Cafe in Datil, the same place we stopped on the way to Pie Town.  I am NOT a "heads on the wall" kind of person, but since there is a lot of hunting in this area, I guess the people here are.  

The bar area had an interesting way to display their glassware.  I got a kick out of the horse shoes!  And I guess this must be the first "Million dollar bill" they ever received. 
Anyway, after lunch we got back on the road for home.  
This is in Datil, and Ric thinks it had been a bed and breakfast place, but looks vacant now.  Ric said he'd love to buy it for a summer home......but I think he really just wants to live closer to Pie Town!  The next town we came to was Magdelena.  It's just a small town, but one with much history.
This is an example of the folk art we saw here.  Ric also drove us by the very old and historic Hotel Magdelena which we got some nice pictures of.

Apparently some very influential people have stayed here in the past.

We saw this unusual looking building as we were leaving Magdelena.  We were also surprised to see more than half a dozen police cars going west, towards Pie Town as we were traveling east, but I didn't think they would want me to take their pictures!

As I have said often, the landscape is quite amazing wherever we drive in New Mexico.  I am always surprised by all the color you see if you just stop to notice it.

I think we saw this when we got back to Socorro, just before we got back on I-25 to come south to our home in Arrey.

Today I also want to share something with you that I had forgotten about for quite some time.  Back in February, we went to the Good Sam Super Show in Avon, Arizona.  One of the seminars we went to was about a product called Kanberra Gel.  It is made in the USA from Australian tea tree oil.  Anyone familiar with tea tree oil knows it has a recognizable scent to it, but it is a very clean scent.  They gave out small samples of the gel at the seminar.  She told us the small sample could kill orders and mold or mildew in a room (like our RV bathroom) for a week.  We bought the hand soap which is very nice, and the 4 oz. size jar of the gel which is supposed to work for about a month.  Jim came up with a great cost saving idea.  He suggested that instead of opening the jar to air (it dries out as it is exposed to air), we should simply put one teaspoon full of it into the sample size jar and use that for a week. You might use any similar small size container, like a tiny spice jar or a tea candle saucer.  We have been doing this every week since the beginning of March, and as of now, we have used less than 1/4 of the jar that was supposed to only last one month!  I don't know any retailers that sell Kanberra products, but if you are interested, you can Google search it and order it online.  I can say that we are very happy with how clean and fresh the bathroom smells, and you do get used to the tea tree oil scent.  We do think it is an excellent product and worth the price.  I can't tell you the price though, because they gave us special pricing at the Super Show.                                                                
Anyway, it is time to close up, but I do want to mention that this week we had our RV and car washed and waxed by Sal's Mobile Service, and they did an amazing job.  The car hasn't looked this good in several years.  We had Larry's Mobile RV Service here to install the EZ connectors and fix my oven door (the spring came off and we couldn't get it to close tight enough).  His prices are not cheap, but his work is also excellent.  He is coming back next week to do a mobile oil change and a repair to our refrigerator.  We are willing to pay a reasonable price for good service.  We feel blessed that we have been able to get good people to come out here, which is about 20 miles from TorC and 50 miles from Las Cruces, to do mobile work for us when we need it done.  
I had the wonderful pleasure of talking to our very dear friend Sherrie from Fountain Valley, CA this week.  We had not seen her and Ron since last September when we went to see Jerry Benton do his farewell performance at the Elks in Garden Grove before retiring.  We have kept in touch by email, but it was simply fantastic to talk to her by phone.  She made the observation that she didn't know how I can stay upbeat when several unexpected calamities have befallen us this year.  It made me stop and think.  Somebody (I don't remember who so I can't give credit) once said life is 10% about what happens to us and 90% about how we react to it.  As I see it, it wouldn't do us any good to wail and moan and ask why is all this happening to us.  There is always a bright side to things if you look for it.  Because of the breakdown in Deming, we decided to spend more time here in Arrey, New Mexico.  Because we decided to stay here longer, we have made some wonderful new friends, and have found our "home" park for when the day comes that we can't travel anymore.  Everything happens for a reason.  I hope our longer stay here has been a comfort to Ric, even if he does pick on me terribly.  I know he is just teasing and he loves us.  My advice to one and all is, when life doesn't go as you planned, remember that God has a plan for you, and it is ALWAYS a better plan.  If circumstances seem impossible, give your problems to Jesus.  All things are possible through  Him.  We may not understand His plan now, but it will be revealed to us when we need to know.  Take care and keep a positive outlook, because nothing good will come from being a Gloomy Gus.  Life IS amazing, so enjoy everyday of it!                                

Monday, May 15, 2017

Another Beautiful Day in Arrey

I hope all the ladies reading this had a very nice Mother's Day yesterday.  I hope you had a chance to spend time with your children, and enjoyed a day filled with warmth and love.  Children should remember to "Honor thy Father and Mother" every day, but it's nice to have a special day to honor our parents.  Those of us who no longer have parents would love to have one more day to spend with them and a chance to thank them one more time for how much they gave to us.  To any out there who are estranged from your parents, for any reason at all, please reach out to them now.  None of us knows how much longer we, or our parents, have on earth.  Before you know  it, it will be too late, and you will be filled with regret that you didn't tell them how much you loved them.  Please don't put it off, or you may be very, very sorry.
We had a very nice day.  After a lovely breakfast that Jim made, we went to church in TorC.  The choir sang two of my grandmother's favorite hymns:  The Old Rugged Cross and Amazing Grace.  The pastor gave out Bible bookmarks to all the mothers that were there.  Later in the day, we invited Janice (below is the promised picture of our friend Janice)

 to join us for a delicious dinner and had angel food cake for dessert.  In the evening we sat outside and watched yet another spectacular sunset.  One might think all sunsets are about the same, but if you did, you would be very mistaken.

 This is looking over towards the east and the office here in the park.

 These are looking west, outside the park.Below are views as it got later in the evening and the sky got darker. 
As you can see, the beauty here is amazing and ever changing as we watch it and thank God for all He has blessed us with.
Now to back track a bit, Manny came out on Thursday and re-sealed the cracks on the roof of our RV, but we also found out that we need to have the slides and windows re-sealed too, which he is going to do next week.  It is not cheap, but much less expensive than if we get a leak and have to have major repairs done to the RV.  Tomorrow Sal is coming out to wash and wax and detail the RV from top to bottom.  And on Thursday of this week, Larry of Larry's Mobile RV Service is coming up from Las Cruces to install the EZ connectors, to replace the cable that broke loose and did all the damage to the car back in March.  Then all we have left to do will be to get the RV registered, once the DMV gets the copy of the title from South Dakota.  

On Friday we went to Hatch to Franciscan RV to get a replacement cover for the bathroom ceiling vent.  There was much to see, and photograph there.
 I'm not sure how this piano got dropped on top of the AirStream trailer, but it catches your eye.
 They have an open garage of vintage cars on display and some are even for sale.
 I had to take a

picture of her, just because she was there!  Below is a picture taken inside of two player pianos they had.
Next door to this RV service place was a store called Hatch Chile Express.

It was a gold mine of things I just had to have!
These wind socks and dried chilies were hanging outside.  I bought the wind sock you can see to the far left in the picture above.
 This beautiful display of chili pepper crosses impressed me, but I felt we couldn't risk the dogs getting hold of one and chewing on it!
Jim took this picture when we first entered the store, and yes that is the back of  my head in the lower right best side.  I was able to get some MILD green chili salsa from Las Cruces, made with Hatch chilies, and I bought a magnetic cross to add to my magnet board over the end of the couch.  I got a cute tee shirt and a chili dog shot glass, and a beer stein from Hatch for Jim.  It was a really nice outing!!!

It is time to close now.  I would like to include some "Mom"-isms that were printed in the church bulletin yesterday.
The term "working mother" is redundant.
Mother is a verb.  It's something you do, not just who you are.
A mother is not someone you lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.
Nothing is really lost until your mom can't find it.
Life doesn't come with a manual.  It comes with a mom.

I would like to add that becoming a mom doesn't come with a manual either.  We learn as we go along, and we definitely make mistakes, but we never stop loving our children, and we never stop worrying about them.  If you still have a mom, please love her, and forgive her for all the mistakes she made.  She did the best she could.  She gave you life and then tried to guide you to become the best person you can be.  She prayed for you and watch you grow.  God knows how much she loved you, so please let her know you appreciate all she did, and the sacrifices she made for you.  Now, keep the shiny side up and enjoy this wonderful, if not perfect life you have.  It IS a grand gift from God.

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Fiesta Parade and More

Hi Everyone,  

I truly hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Before I get into how grand ours was, I want to try to answer a question that was asked of me.  I was asked what made us choose New Mexico for our home, and what we love most about being here.  First of all, is that the beauty of the landscape is almost too much to put into words.  If someone had said years ago, that I would come to love the desert for it's beauty, I might have told them they were out of their minds!  To just pass through this area quickly, one can miss much of what is here.  It takes time to see all there is; and all this beauty changes with each passing day.  But it's not just the scenery, which could be enough for some people.  For us it was also the people.  People here are kind, friendly and generous.  They trust others, not like in some areas where people are suspicious and afraid of each other.  The people here have welcomed us, and reached out to us.  The people at the lovely First Baptist Church greet us with joy and friendship every week when we come in. 

I took this picture Saturday morning from the parking lot of the A&B Drive-in across the street, before the parade began.

Janice McCravey, the owner/manager of this RV park, Arrey RV Park, is incredible.  
I am sorry this is not a good picture of Janice, who is a beautiful person and has become a good friend to us.  I promise I will get a better picture of her for the next blog posting.

When we chat and I tell her whatever I've been having a problem with, she gets on her smart phone, and looks up whatever it is I need help with.  Maybe I could do the same thing on my computer (since we don't have smart phones) but SHE does it because she wants to help us out, and sometimes she knows better than I would, just where to look for something.  This RV park is not the biggest park around, but it IS the friendliest!  In the evening, residents sit around together and swap stories, and just enjoy the congeniality of being together. We have pot luck dinners at least once a month, so that gives us a chance to meet and enjoy the company of campers who are passing through too.  Janice and her daughter, and Jerry are working very hard to get this park cleaned up and they are doing a great job!  The previous manager had some unfortunate health issues and was not able to do all that was needed to keep this place in great shape; but changes are happening, and this is a great RV park to visit.  

Now for the pictures and stories about the Fiesta Day Parade.  We are told that the Fiesta is the biggest event of the year in TorC.  The parade is well attended, and enthusiastically supported.
Our friend Ric is watching from in front of the church.  He is the one in the blue shirt and the drill instructor's hat.
 The local and area law enforcement take part in the parade, as do all of the fire departments from around the area.
 How cute is that?  As you can see, on the right is our own local truck.
Young men and women of the local ROTC proudly marched by.
We have not had the opportunity to meet this lady, but she looks like she could be quite a personality!
I kept this picture full sized so you can see that the girls are in poodle skirts and the boys are in jeans and white tee shirts.  Since this Fiesta began back in the 1950's, I think maybe that's the reason for the outfits. 
This lovely young lady is the Fiesta Queen.  She seemed like a delightful person as she smiled and waved to one and all.
After her came the Hatch Valley Chile Queen, appropriately wearing a red hot chili colored dress!
Here comes Doc Holiday and a colorful local lady!
This float was from the Geronimo Museum in TorC and shows local attire from the earlier days of this area.
I don't know the name of this group of riders, but they sure did look good.
As you must know, this is a desert and brush fires are an ever-present danger, so the parade included Smokey the Bear and a forest ranger in a cute antique vehicle.  Below is a float from    the New Mexico State Veterans Home.
I guess everybody wants to get into the party!  And it really WAS a party.
This cute float was from one of the local hot springs, called The Pelican Spa, here in TorC.
This group of ladies are from the Red Hat Society in Elephant Butte, having a grand time for themselves!  We got a real kick out of the remote control car from Fast Stop, below..........and it was 
so fast that it took me several tries to catch a picture of it scooting around in the street!

This was the Shriner's Train.  They help support the Shriner's Hospitals for children. 
 I'm not sure who sponsored this van, but they were celebrating "WHATEVER" on their vehicle.
 This float was celebrating the "turtle ascension", and New Year's eve as they yelled, "Think Snow".
This group wanted to encourage everyone to recycle and not fill up our landfill with reusable materials.
This was the lone rider at the end of the parade.  It was a wonderful parade, and a town full of joyful people, happy to celebrate all they are thankful for.  It was fantastic to be there with all of them.
It was a real blessing to be here for this, and a real blessing to live here among so many wonderful people.  Our friend John Deimer sent us some wonderful pictures today, and the email ended with a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Many of you may have already read it but I would like to close with it.

"I am thankful for small mercies.  I compared notes with one of my friends who expects everything of the universe, and is disappointed when anything is less than the best, and I found that I begin at the other extreme, expecting nothing, and am always full of thanks for moderate goods.”
 Ralph  Waldo Emerson