Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday in Palm Desert

Hi Everybody, 
It's nearly the middle of March already and we are looking forward to St. Patrick's Day soon.  It's good to be Irish!  We had a great drive out here, with no high wind problems and just about perfect weather all the way.  I was surprised to see as much snow as I saw up in the mountains when we drove east on I-10.  I'm happy for the skiers, and even happier that we weren't in it.

We found a really nice site, not the one we had last time, but still great.  At first we couldn't get a signal for the satellite, but we waited a bit, and all of a sudden, it said acquiring signal, and we were all set.  We have enough space to put our awning out, but in the afternoon, we have to pull it in because of the high winds.  The ground wasn't level enough to put out the screen room, but we plan to do that when we get back to Wilderness Lakes on the 22nd.  Today we had a bit of a sand storm.

Jim had to go out this morning and sweep the sand off the car and the front of the RV.  Since then it has been better here.

We got here on Tuesday and Mary brought over the magnetic beads and supplies for me.  I was floored when she told me the cost, so I have got to get busy making and selling these bracelets.   On top of that, Jim was having some trouble with dizziness and his blood pressure was way out of whack.  After learning to make a single strand bracelet, I made him a four strand bracelet that he has been wearing since Wednesday.  He started showing improvement the next day.  Thursday night I remembered that Mary had said wearing a magnetic necklace has relieved her of a headache one time, and since I was experiencing one, I put one on for no more than 45 minutes, and the headache was gone.  Last but not least, Friday night I was experiencing restless leg syndrome, which I have from time to time.  I was walking the floor with leg spasms.  I sat down and made myself a single strand anklet, and ended up sleeping through the night!  Now I've been told that I cannot make any claims of medical benefits from these magnets, so I won't promise anyone else the same results if any of you want to purchase these items from me.  I was told I must only say they are attractive costume jewelry, but if you find they do for you what they have done for us, they are much more.  Also, we are no longer taking ANY medications for our arthritis pain.  Here are pictures of these lovely bracelets.
 This single is my ankle bracelet.
 For most people, I would suggest the double strand like this one, unless you have really, really bad pain.  I have already sold two double anklets to a man who has gout.  He said he will most likely be encouraging relatives of his to order bracelets for their various types of pain.

 This is my quad bracelet, and I have remarkable news to report on this one.  Many years ago, a patient broke my left index finger, and I've been unable to bend it down more than half way.  Much to my surprise, Thursday I discovered I can now bend it all the way to make a fist with no pain at all!  Since I'm not supposed to make any medical claims about these magnets, I guess I'll have to say it is just a coincidence that after wearing the bracelet on my left wrist for several days, this finger has become flexible and pain-free.  You decide for yourself.  As for me, I think these bracelets and anklets and necklaces have helped US and maybe they can help you too.  This the last time I will mention magnetic jewelry in my blog, so it will be up to you if anyone wants more information or to place an order.  

Our newest friends, Judy & Frank went to see the Annenberg Retreat today, and she brought me a brochure about the place.  It looks like a place we will want to visit, so my next blog will include news and pictures of this free attraction.  We were invited to go with them, but declined as I have been under the weather with a cold for a few days.  With a salt lamp beside me here on the table, and another in the bedroom, I know I will be as right as rain soon.   

Happy Travels and blessings to all.  Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.  Enjoy America everyone!


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