Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Went to Fort Worth Stockyards & More

Hi Folks, 
We are still in Texas, and had a break in the weather,
so we three went to Fort Worth.  Visiting the Texas
Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum has been on my bucket
list for as long as I can remember, so I'm really glad
we finally got the chance to go there.  There was far
too much to see in just one day, so this location will
remain on my list for a return visit another time. 
This was our first view of the area. 
After parking the car, we went for a walk on Exchange Street.  We went looking for Billie Bob's Steakhouse.
We went inside and looked around the lobby area.
They have a $2.00 per person cover charge just to get
inside.  We asked to look at their menu, and both
Jim and Mary decided they didn't want lunch here.
It would have meant quite a wait, and we wanted to
keep moving.  Before having lunch at Risky's
Steakhouse back on Exchange St. we walked though
a building with stores and more.
This picture of my favorite singer, Willie Nelson,was
on the side of a bull statue.
This statue was on a balcony above Risky's, where
we had a yummy lunch.  Jim also had a mug of a
local beer that he said was very good.

On the sidewalk there were stars like this for many of
Texas' hero cowboys, including Wyatt Earp, Bat
Masterson, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, to name
just a few.  We had to check each one out though.
This was just one of many interesting horse drawn
wagons we saw in the museum.  There were areas
devoted to each of many rodeo cowboys, and clowns.
They even had a section devoted to members of the
Dallas Cowboys team!
It was a really neat museum, with much more to see,
but I will only include one more picture from it.
Today we went to a 50's diner called Yesterday's.

It was really cool!  There were many pictures of
stars like Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, James Dean,
and more.  There was alot of Elvis Presley memorabilia.
The food was named after celebrities like the Big
Bopper, Bing Crosby, The Duke, Batman & Robin,
and even Zorro!  Below I'll include a few pix from this
cute diner.
 This pink cadillac was a wall mirror in the ladies

 I couldn't leave this guy out, since he WAS a major
heart throb in his day.
We had a great day and now we are home with
our furry children.  Thank God the rain that was
forcast held off for us.  We have been warned of
possible major thunderstorms, and maybe even a
tornado, but we know God will not allow any harm
to come to us.  Take care and remember:
Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Our Second Week in Texas

Hi Folks,
A couple days after we got here, we (meaning Jim
of course) noticed that the vent cover over our
refrigerator was badly shredded!  So after calling
Camping World in Denton to make sure they had
a replacement cover in stock we drove over and
got a new one.  On the way we passed this wrought
iron cowboy.  I thought he was kinda cute!!!!
 Anyway, we got
the vent cover, 
and went home so 
Jim could put it up
before we got rained
on.  The Weather 
Channel has warned
of rain almost EVERY
day since we got
here, but mostly it has been cloudy, then clears
up after only a sprinkle or two.  Today, it decided
to really let us have it!  Buckets and buckets of rain
this afternoon and evening.
Before all this rain, after a trip to the post office
and a shopping trip to Wal-Mart, we took a drive
around this very large campground.  I caught
this sight while we were in the back portion of
the park, called Hollywood.

 There were two of these beautiful creatures
and they just stood still and watched us, to see
what we were doing.  I was amazed that they
didn't run when I put my window down to take
pictures.  When another car came up behind us,
then they ran away.
All in all, it was quite lovely to see them.  We
barely got back to our wheel estate before the
torrential rain began.  We were glad to be home
and dry!  I made a crock pot full of split pea soup
for dinner, seemed right after a day like this.
A friend of mine had a tip she thought I should
share today.  Since many people use too much salt
on their food, and the use of the salt shaker may
be  more from habit than from any need for the
taste of salt, she suggested taping over a few of
the holes in the top of the salt shaker.  This would
allow the person to shake, shake, shake without
using too much salt.  I don't add any salt when
I'm cooking, and mostly season with garlic
powder and Mrs. Dash's Salt-free seasonings, so
I let Jim use some salt at the table.  She also said
one could use a little food coloring in the salt
shaker, but I REALLY don't think I want to see
blue salt on my scrambled eggs!
Today a very dear friend of mine from California
called to tell me that her husband had been on a
motorcycle trip in Texas with a buddy of his, and
was in a terrible accident.  He ended up with a
skull fracture, a fractured femur and ankle, and
a broken thumb.  After his extensive surgery to
fix the femur and ankle, they wanted to fly him
back to California with a travel nurse.  This was
going to cost them over $12,000!  Like most of us,
she did NOT have that kind of money on hand, so
she flew there and accompanied him home by a
commercial flight, for much less money.  I mention
this because last month when we were in St.
David, AZ we went to a seminar, and signed up
for SkyMed.  If an emergency occurs, they will
fly someone to be with you, and fly you home or
to another place for care, at NO cost to you.  I
had NOT planned to sign up for it, until I heard
how much such things could cost.  And even then,
I was still skeptical that it would be THAT pricey.
Now I know it really can be that expensive.  We
signed up for the monthly pay plan which is very
affordable.  I am not telling about this for any
reason of personal gain.  I just want to share this
in case any of you have heard about this and have
thought "This would never happen to me".  All I
will tell you is, I'm glad we signed up for it when
we did.  Keep the shiny side up, and stay well.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

At Last We're at a Thousand Trails Preserve!

Today we arrived at Bay Landing, a Thousand
Trails Preserve in Bridgeport, Texas.  After all the
stress of the RV problems, this is such a delight! 
For reasons I won't pretend to understand, I was
not able to download some of my pictures the last
time, I wrote my blog, but today I was able to do so.
First, are the pictures of retired Pastor Ric and his
wonderful wife Wendy.

 Next are pictures of Elizabeth & Mike Kearns.
 This picture is of Annalee & Wayne Long, and
their newest family member, Gila.  These
 are friends of ours we worked with in T or C.
The next is a picture of where we went last
Saturday in Alamogordo, NM.
 This is another picture of our wheel estate at the
lovely park we are in now.  As you can see, the
sites are large, grassy and tree shaded.  It's really
nice here.
 This last picture is of our friend Mary's van
camper.  I think I mentioned already that she
has been traveling with us since we got to
St. David Resort in Benson, AZ.  She is going to
travel with us while we are here in Texas for the
next seven weeks, then north for about three more
weeks.  The details of our travel plans will be
shared as we move along.

After the exhausting trip from Van Horn, TX
to Odessa for the repairs, we spent the next two
nights in a small RV park in Baird.  We had only 
planned to be there one night, but yesterday
morning the weather report warned of high winds
and gusts up to 50 mph, so we decided we might
be better off staying put for one more night.  I do
think we made a good choice, as the weather got
worse, with rain, thunderstorms, and hail stones.
There were reports of serious damage to mobile
homes, and downed trees.  We only got a light rain
and the wind gusts last night.  This morning it
was cloudy and cool, and sunny this afternoon!
We will be here for fourteen days, so after a day
or two of rest, we will do some sight seeing and
post more news about the points of interest in 
this area.  Annalee emailed me that Wayne Scott
is in the hospital, in ICU, in Albuquerque, NM
with pneumonia.  Some of you may also follow 
his blog, so please pray for his recovery.  His
wife wrote to me that she thinks the worst is past,
but says he was one sick puppy for a while.  That's
all for today, so I'll close for now.  
Keep the shiny side up!  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Arrey, NM and Beyond!

Hi Friends and readers,
I'm sorry it has taken me a week to write another
post, but it has been a very busy week for us.  As
noted, we spent a wonderful week in Arrey, NM
and visited some very dear friends.  We got to go
to church with retired Pastor Ric Miller and his
marvelous wife Wendy.  We went to their house
for dinner one night, and they came to dinner at
our wheel estate.  I realized I have not posted a
picture of our " traveling mansion" so I would
like to do that now.

Another day we went to lunch in T or C with a
couple of friends named Elizabeth & Mike.  Last,
but not least, on Friday Annalee & Wayne Long
came over for dinner.  We got to go to church
with Ric and Wendy twice while we were there. 
On Palm Sunday we went to the Pentecostal
Church in Garfield and on Good Friday we went
to the 1st Baptist Church in T or C.   I really
appreciated a sermon that made me realize we
often gripe when things don't go the way WE think
they should and forget that God has a plan for
our lives, and we should be always grateful that
He loves us, and know He is watching over us. 
After leaving Arrey, we went to Alamogordo,
and spent a night outside the "Heart of the Desert"
at Eagle Ranch.  We bought pistachio nuts, some
tasty Pistachio Rose wine, Malvasia Blanco wine
(a big favorite of mine) pistachio caramel corn,
and green chili popcorn.  The weather could not
have been nicer, and we had a lovely evening
there.  The next morning we made our way to
Van Horn, Texas for one night at the KOA.  When
we unhooked the tow car, the battery was totally
DEAD.  Jim put a charger on it, but in the morning,
it did not respond at all, even when our friend
Mary tried to jump start it off her camper.  The
nice people at Napa auto parts delivered us a
new battery, and a neighboring camper had a
small socket Jim needed to remove the old
battery and put in the new one, so we got back
on the road, albeit a few hours later than we
planned.  Later the same day (yesterday, by the
way) our RV surprised us with the "change oil"
light coming on while we were driving on I-20 across Texas.  First we stopped at a rest area
and Jim added some oil, but the little bugger was
 not satisfied with that.  As we continued east
we were treated to the very annoying sound of
an urgent alarm going off.  It was telling us we
had lost oil pressure and we needed to change
the oil NOW!  We stopped in Pecos, TX, but we
found out there would simply be NO place to get
the oil changed until we got to Odessa, about 60
miles away.  We called ahead and set out for
that location.  We got about 20 miles down the
road when the alarm became much more
insistent, and we knew we could not make it
there under our own power.  We exited in an
unfortunately very remote area, and it took the
Auto Club three hours to get someone to come out
to tow the RV to Odessa.  We ended up getting
there after 11 pm.  We set up the RV for the night
and set our alarm to wake us up at 6 am.  We had
to get up early as we had a 7 am appointment for
the oil change.  Since they were so efficient and
reasonable in price, we got the oil changed on the
tow car too.  Let me tell you that the people at
B-Line Lube on 2nd St in Odessa, Texas provided
excellent service at a very reasonable cost!  We
were back on the road by 9 am!  We stopped at a
rest area to walk our dogs and have lunch, (since
we didn't take time for breakfast) around 11 am,
and got to our camping location before 3 pm
today.  After the long day we had yesterday, we
were glad to get here and rest!  The lesson that
we learned from these events is this.  One could
gripe and moan and say "why did all this have to
happen to me?", or look at it as we did.  Thank God
we had a dead battery while we were in a park
where we could get someone to deliver us a new
one, and there was someone there to help us when
we didn't have the right size socket to change it.
Again, we thank God for sending us a tow truck
driver who could safely transport our "home" to
where it needed to be for service, and we got the
service we needed.  All that did not happen by
chance.  The outcome could have been terrible if
we had blown our engine.  We feel very Blessed
that our Heavenly Father God watched over us
and provided for us, as He always does.
Take care and enjoy the road!