Friday, April 17, 2015

Our Second Week in Texas

Hi Folks,
A couple days after we got here, we (meaning Jim
of course) noticed that the vent cover over our
refrigerator was badly shredded!  So after calling
Camping World in Denton to make sure they had
a replacement cover in stock we drove over and
got a new one.  On the way we passed this wrought
iron cowboy.  I thought he was kinda cute!!!!
 Anyway, we got
the vent cover, 
and went home so 
Jim could put it up
before we got rained
on.  The Weather 
Channel has warned
of rain almost EVERY
day since we got
here, but mostly it has been cloudy, then clears
up after only a sprinkle or two.  Today, it decided
to really let us have it!  Buckets and buckets of rain
this afternoon and evening.
Before all this rain, after a trip to the post office
and a shopping trip to Wal-Mart, we took a drive
around this very large campground.  I caught
this sight while we were in the back portion of
the park, called Hollywood.

 There were two of these beautiful creatures
and they just stood still and watched us, to see
what we were doing.  I was amazed that they
didn't run when I put my window down to take
pictures.  When another car came up behind us,
then they ran away.
All in all, it was quite lovely to see them.  We
barely got back to our wheel estate before the
torrential rain began.  We were glad to be home
and dry!  I made a crock pot full of split pea soup
for dinner, seemed right after a day like this.
A friend of mine had a tip she thought I should
share today.  Since many people use too much salt
on their food, and the use of the salt shaker may
be  more from habit than from any need for the
taste of salt, she suggested taping over a few of
the holes in the top of the salt shaker.  This would
allow the person to shake, shake, shake without
using too much salt.  I don't add any salt when
I'm cooking, and mostly season with garlic
powder and Mrs. Dash's Salt-free seasonings, so
I let Jim use some salt at the table.  She also said
one could use a little food coloring in the salt
shaker, but I REALLY don't think I want to see
blue salt on my scrambled eggs!
Today a very dear friend of mine from California
called to tell me that her husband had been on a
motorcycle trip in Texas with a buddy of his, and
was in a terrible accident.  He ended up with a
skull fracture, a fractured femur and ankle, and
a broken thumb.  After his extensive surgery to
fix the femur and ankle, they wanted to fly him
back to California with a travel nurse.  This was
going to cost them over $12,000!  Like most of us,
she did NOT have that kind of money on hand, so
she flew there and accompanied him home by a
commercial flight, for much less money.  I mention
this because last month when we were in St.
David, AZ we went to a seminar, and signed up
for SkyMed.  If an emergency occurs, they will
fly someone to be with you, and fly you home or
to another place for care, at NO cost to you.  I
had NOT planned to sign up for it, until I heard
how much such things could cost.  And even then,
I was still skeptical that it would be THAT pricey.
Now I know it really can be that expensive.  We
signed up for the monthly pay plan which is very
affordable.  I am not telling about this for any
reason of personal gain.  I just want to share this
in case any of you have heard about this and have
thought "This would never happen to me".  All I
will tell you is, I'm glad we signed up for it when
we did.  Keep the shiny side up, and stay well.


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