Thursday, April 9, 2015

At Last We're at a Thousand Trails Preserve!

Today we arrived at Bay Landing, a Thousand
Trails Preserve in Bridgeport, Texas.  After all the
stress of the RV problems, this is such a delight! 
For reasons I won't pretend to understand, I was
not able to download some of my pictures the last
time, I wrote my blog, but today I was able to do so.
First, are the pictures of retired Pastor Ric and his
wonderful wife Wendy.

 Next are pictures of Elizabeth & Mike Kearns.
 This picture is of Annalee & Wayne Long, and
their newest family member, Gila.  These
 are friends of ours we worked with in T or C.
The next is a picture of where we went last
Saturday in Alamogordo, NM.
 This is another picture of our wheel estate at the
lovely park we are in now.  As you can see, the
sites are large, grassy and tree shaded.  It's really
nice here.
 This last picture is of our friend Mary's van
camper.  I think I mentioned already that she
has been traveling with us since we got to
St. David Resort in Benson, AZ.  She is going to
travel with us while we are here in Texas for the
next seven weeks, then north for about three more
weeks.  The details of our travel plans will be
shared as we move along.

After the exhausting trip from Van Horn, TX
to Odessa for the repairs, we spent the next two
nights in a small RV park in Baird.  We had only 
planned to be there one night, but yesterday
morning the weather report warned of high winds
and gusts up to 50 mph, so we decided we might
be better off staying put for one more night.  I do
think we made a good choice, as the weather got
worse, with rain, thunderstorms, and hail stones.
There were reports of serious damage to mobile
homes, and downed trees.  We only got a light rain
and the wind gusts last night.  This morning it
was cloudy and cool, and sunny this afternoon!
We will be here for fourteen days, so after a day
or two of rest, we will do some sight seeing and
post more news about the points of interest in 
this area.  Annalee emailed me that Wayne Scott
is in the hospital, in ICU, in Albuquerque, NM
with pneumonia.  Some of you may also follow 
his blog, so please pray for his recovery.  His
wife wrote to me that she thinks the worst is past,
but says he was one sick puppy for a while.  That's
all for today, so I'll close for now.  
Keep the shiny side up!  

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