Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday at Lake Texoma

This will be a fairly short entry since I posted just yesterday.
As I told everyone, we planned to go out for lunch to
celebrate our 32nd anniversary.  Most of the local
campground brochures list places of interest in the area,
including good restaurants.  Unfortunately, the only
ones listed here were a Mexican place (not our favorite)
and a place called "Catfish Haven".  Since I'm allergic
to ALL seafood, we had no interest in that one.  I
used my GPS listings of "points of interest" to try to
find a good place to go.  We found one called "The
Ranch House" in Gainesville.  I even called ahead and
they sounded like a good choice.......but

 seeing the first two pictures outside, and the third one
inside, we probably should have just left.

Instead, we stayed.  Jim was going to order the steak
sandwich, but decided not to when the waitress
said it would be a chicken fried steak.  We asked about
several other choices, but they either did not have them,
or they were not offered until after 5 pm.  Jim ended up
getting a grilled ham & cheese sandwich and French
Fries, and I got a grilled chicken salad.  It wasn't bad,
but we had both originally wanted some Texas BBQ.
That is not offered before 5 pm, and they don't offer any
beef for lunch except for hamburgers
We got back to the campground around 2 pm.  Mary
surprised us with a fantastic anniversary gift, a
Sony DVD recorder/player.  WOW!!!!!  We hooked it
up to the new 25" flat screen TV we recently treated
ourselves to, for use in the bedroom.  It works
just great!  So we watched ALL three of the
"Beverly Hills Chihuahua"  movies we had on DVD.
It was hilarious watching OUR dogs watching the
dogs in the movies!!!  They both sat on the foot of the
bed, mesmerized by the activities. 
As usual lately, we woke up to heavy rain, thunder,
lightning and hail this morning. 
 As you can see above, Millie wasn't interested in
the rain at all!  Fortunately, after a couple hours,
the rain let up and the sun is out again.
The campground brochure had listed a place up
in Madill, OK called the Peanut Inn that we wanted
to visit this week.  However, when I called to
check their hours of operation, I found out they have
sold out their inventory and closed up shop.  The
recorded message said they hope to open again
some time in the future, but I'm pretty sure it won't
be while we are still here.  We might go visit the birth
place of Dwight David Eisenhower in Denison, TX. 
I didn't find to go see while we are here.  Looks
like I might catch up on my reading this week. 
We did see a BBQ place nearby that had a very
full parking lot when we went by, so we just might
try it before we leave here.  Wish us luck this time.
Have a great day, and as always, keep the rubber side
down and the shiny side up and Enjoy America!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We Moved to Lake Texoma Today

Today we packed up and moved to a campground
on Lake Texoma.  Below is a picture, showing the 
flooding conditions where we had been.

This is right across the street from our RV site.
The streets in the park were rutted and flooded.
Last week Millie saw this turtle, and "told" us
about it so we could get a picture.
This place, pictured above, is a former cotton
gin.  Most have long since closed down.  This 
one is now a club that is open for a "shindig"
on Saturday nights.  We had planned to check
it out last Saturday, but we couldn't go because
Millie got so sick. 
This picture was on one side of the Cotton
Pickin' Theater.

And this sight was in the window on the other side
of the "Theater".  Wayne, aliens are everywhere.

We had a nice drive up here.  "Here" was east on 
US 82, north on Highway 377, onto Cedar Mills
Rd.  The Texas/Oklahoma state line runs
through the middle of Lake Texoma.  We are about
30 miles east of Gainesville, TX. 
Now, to bring you up to date.  Last week on
Thursday afternoon, Millie became very lethargic. 
She vomited up some dry food, and after that,
she wouldn't eat or drink anything.  I knew I had
to keep her hydrated, so I gave her water by a dropper
every 15 minutes.  By the next morning, she was
clearly not any better, so we found a vet over in
 Emory, who saw her and diagnosed it as acute
 gastritis.  He said it was good I was able to get
her to take water.  He gave her a shot of something
to relieve pain and stomach spasms.  I was terrified
because her weight dropped from 15 pounds to 13.8 pounds.  I fed her unflavored low fat yogurt, and
chicken broth  every two hours.  The doctor gave
her an antibiotic to take for 7 days.  She is finally
showing some improvement and her weight is
starting to come back up.  Thank God!!!!!  She is
getting better, and has even become playful again. 
She is even eating a little of her regular dry food now.  
When we travel, I put Millie's bed inside Willie's bed,
and put both on top of our bed.  When we got here
today, she wanted me to put her bed out in the living
room.  I told her "not yet" so she jumped up and
laid down in her bed there.  Later, when I was
ready to move it, she wouldn't get out of it, so I
carried it out WITH her in it.  Then Willie jumped
onto HIS bed, as if he thought I would carry it,
with him in it, out here.  Not going to happen!!! 
He weighs about 40 pounds.
Tomorrow is our 32nd anniversary!  It's hard to
believe we've been married that long, but it has
been a very wonderful life together.  We are
planning to go out to lunch to celebrate.  YAY!
I thank God for this wonderful man who has given
me so much joy and love over the years.  I wish
everyone could find a person to love who shares
their beliefs and passions like I have. 
Well, that's it for today!  Have a great day and
keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Now We are at Lake Tawakoni

First, I will tell you that we spent seven hours on
Mother's Day in the ladies bathroom at Lake
Whitney due to the tornado warnings.  It was
defintely NOT how I had expected to spend the
day, but thank God we were safe!  There were nine
people and nine dogs in the room, so it was quite
noisy and chaotic.  Around 5 pm the power went
out, so we were dependent on our flashlights and
candles after that.  During one pause in the
warnings we ran home to get more water and
grab a quick sandwich for dinner.  Later that
night we were told by a park ranger that there
were three trees and a power line down, plus

much more damage outside the park. 

Later that night the three of us decided to leave in
the morning.  We were going to go south near
Houston to a Thousand Trails Park called Lake
Conroe.  On the Monday morning news they
reported that the town of Willits and Lake
Conroe were soon to be hit by a tornado coming
north east through that we had to
rethink our plans, and decided to head northeast
to Lake Tawakoni.
On the way here we passed several flooded fields
like the one above.  We also saw some interesting
"dome" houses.

I'm not saying we got lost,
but I was surprised when I
saw this water tower on our
way here!

Lake Tawakoni is much larger than we had
expected it to be. When we arrived, we drove in
on US 276, which included driving over the lake
on a bridge.

 This park is a nice place with plenty of trees, but
when we backed into the site a branch overhead
scraped the awning and tore a hole in it.  By the
way, on Mother's Day hail stones hit the roof of
the RV, and when it rained we discovered we had
a leak in the bedroom roof.  After we got here we
called J & S Mobile RV Service.  John came over
the next morning and repaired and sealed the roof.
He had to order the new awning fabric and he
said he had an awning tube he could cut down for
us, since ours was badly bent.  He will be back
next week to replace the awning.  YAY!!!!  We have
not had any tornado warnings here, but we sure
have had a lot of rain.  Thank God the roof work
was done well, and we have been "as snug as a
bug in a rug!"  If you are in this area, and need
any RV service, we certainly do suggest you call
J & S Mobile RV Service, as they are prompt and
reliable, and their prices are very reasonable.

On the way to Wal-Mart on
Thursday we saw this sight.

Yesterday we went to Emory to a place called the
Emory Trade Center for the 3rd Saturday Street

  Sadly, on the way home we saw this dead bear
by the side of US 276.  We hadn 't realized we
were in as much of a wilderness area as it seems
to be.  
Today we woke up to another rain storm.
I sure wish we could send some of this rain back
to California, Arizona, and New Mexico!
This is Mary's van camper
across the street from us, and
you can see the puddles left
behind by today's storm.

It's really pretty here, and when it's not raining,
the dogs enjoy running and playing in the
beautiful, green grass here.  We expect to leave
here on May 26th, hopefully to continue north to
Lake Texoma, which is east of I-35 in or near the
town of Gordonville.  I guess that's all the news 
from here for today.   
I'll post again if anything interesting happens
before we leave here.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

We Survived our First Tornado!

Well, May is finally here, and we are in Whitney, TX.
We arrived last Saturday, April 25th.  It was a lovely,
sunny day.  Sunday morning we went grocery shopping, and when we came out of the Wal-Mart
in Hillsboro, we noticed the sky had gotten much
darker, with lots of clouds. 

We hurried back to our RV
and put stuff away.  This
cute sign is in the RV
Park.  So far, we've only
seen squirrels and bunnies,
but I'm hoping to see at least
one armadillo before we leave.

Hillsboro had a lovely old courthouse that had
burned down back in the 1990's and has since 
been re-built.  This is how it looks today. 

Hillsboro is a quaint town, with an interesting
old movie house, unusual architecture and nice
statuary.  Anyway, back to
my story.  Sunday evening we were treated to a
display of thunder and lightning that had our
dogs quite edgy.  Around 9 pm, we saw on TV that
a tornado had touched down in Rio Vista, which
was only about ten miles away, and it was moving
east, and leaving a rather wide swath of damage in
its wake.  It proceeded into Blum, which was only
about six miles north of us.  Then we got alerts on
our phones to seek shelter as we could expect it to
reach where we were before long.  We grabbed up
the dogs, water bottles, blankets and our phones
and headed to the brick comfort station.  There
were about eight others besides Mary, with her
two dogs and us with our two.  Some of us went
into the ladies room, and the others went into the
men's room.  This was around 10:30 pm.  We
had terrible winds, rain and of course, the thunder
and lightning for another 2 hours.  Finally, it
seemed to be letting up, so we all went outside, very
relieved to see our "wheel estate" was still there
unharmed.  None of us slept much that night, but
we certainly do thank God for keeping us safe and
together!  The next couple days were pretty calm,
as we tried to catch up on our sleep.  Monday our
two dogs slept almost all day.  Wednesday we went
back to the Hillsboro Wal-Mart as I wanted to get
a Nutri Ninja so we can start making nutritious
fruit and vegetable smoothies.  I am doing this for 
two meals a day, and a light, healthy dinner, and
already I have energy to burn!!!!  I am also starting
to lose weight from this new eating regimen.  
On Friday we drove over to see Waxahachi.  I hope
I spelled that correctly.  They report that they have
the MOST photographed courthouse in the country.
We even saw a couple who
had gotten married here, and they said I could
take their picture.   How neat to get married in
such an historic place!  I also took a picture of
the sign on the base of the statue above.
I guess we must remember we ARE in the south!
This was a memorial to the Confederate army.
That's all for today.  If the weather is kind to us,
we have more adventures in store for next week
before leaving here to head north.
Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down
as you explore this grand country of ours!