Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday at Lake Texoma

This will be a fairly short entry since I posted just yesterday.
As I told everyone, we planned to go out for lunch to
celebrate our 32nd anniversary.  Most of the local
campground brochures list places of interest in the area,
including good restaurants.  Unfortunately, the only
ones listed here were a Mexican place (not our favorite)
and a place called "Catfish Haven".  Since I'm allergic
to ALL seafood, we had no interest in that one.  I
used my GPS listings of "points of interest" to try to
find a good place to go.  We found one called "The
Ranch House" in Gainesville.  I even called ahead and
they sounded like a good choice.......but

 seeing the first two pictures outside, and the third one
inside, we probably should have just left.

Instead, we stayed.  Jim was going to order the steak
sandwich, but decided not to when the waitress
said it would be a chicken fried steak.  We asked about
several other choices, but they either did not have them,
or they were not offered until after 5 pm.  Jim ended up
getting a grilled ham & cheese sandwich and French
Fries, and I got a grilled chicken salad.  It wasn't bad,
but we had both originally wanted some Texas BBQ.
That is not offered before 5 pm, and they don't offer any
beef for lunch except for hamburgers
We got back to the campground around 2 pm.  Mary
surprised us with a fantastic anniversary gift, a
Sony DVD recorder/player.  WOW!!!!!  We hooked it
up to the new 25" flat screen TV we recently treated
ourselves to, for use in the bedroom.  It works
just great!  So we watched ALL three of the
"Beverly Hills Chihuahua"  movies we had on DVD.
It was hilarious watching OUR dogs watching the
dogs in the movies!!!  They both sat on the foot of the
bed, mesmerized by the activities. 
As usual lately, we woke up to heavy rain, thunder,
lightning and hail this morning. 
 As you can see above, Millie wasn't interested in
the rain at all!  Fortunately, after a couple hours,
the rain let up and the sun is out again.
The campground brochure had listed a place up
in Madill, OK called the Peanut Inn that we wanted
to visit this week.  However, when I called to
check their hours of operation, I found out they have
sold out their inventory and closed up shop.  The
recorded message said they hope to open again
some time in the future, but I'm pretty sure it won't
be while we are still here.  We might go visit the birth
place of Dwight David Eisenhower in Denison, TX. 
I didn't find to go see while we are here.  Looks
like I might catch up on my reading this week. 
We did see a BBQ place nearby that had a very
full parking lot when we went by, so we just might
try it before we leave here.  Wish us luck this time.
Have a great day, and as always, keep the rubber side
down and the shiny side up and Enjoy America!!!

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