Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We Moved to Lake Texoma Today

Today we packed up and moved to a campground
on Lake Texoma.  Below is a picture, showing the 
flooding conditions where we had been.

This is right across the street from our RV site.
The streets in the park were rutted and flooded.
Last week Millie saw this turtle, and "told" us
about it so we could get a picture.
This place, pictured above, is a former cotton
gin.  Most have long since closed down.  This 
one is now a club that is open for a "shindig"
on Saturday nights.  We had planned to check
it out last Saturday, but we couldn't go because
Millie got so sick. 
This picture was on one side of the Cotton
Pickin' Theater.

And this sight was in the window on the other side
of the "Theater".  Wayne, aliens are everywhere.

We had a nice drive up here.  "Here" was east on 
US 82, north on Highway 377, onto Cedar Mills
Rd.  The Texas/Oklahoma state line runs
through the middle of Lake Texoma.  We are about
30 miles east of Gainesville, TX. 
Now, to bring you up to date.  Last week on
Thursday afternoon, Millie became very lethargic. 
She vomited up some dry food, and after that,
she wouldn't eat or drink anything.  I knew I had
to keep her hydrated, so I gave her water by a dropper
every 15 minutes.  By the next morning, she was
clearly not any better, so we found a vet over in
 Emory, who saw her and diagnosed it as acute
 gastritis.  He said it was good I was able to get
her to take water.  He gave her a shot of something
to relieve pain and stomach spasms.  I was terrified
because her weight dropped from 15 pounds to 13.8 pounds.  I fed her unflavored low fat yogurt, and
chicken broth  every two hours.  The doctor gave
her an antibiotic to take for 7 days.  She is finally
showing some improvement and her weight is
starting to come back up.  Thank God!!!!!  She is
getting better, and has even become playful again. 
She is even eating a little of her regular dry food now.  
When we travel, I put Millie's bed inside Willie's bed,
and put both on top of our bed.  When we got here
today, she wanted me to put her bed out in the living
room.  I told her "not yet" so she jumped up and
laid down in her bed there.  Later, when I was
ready to move it, she wouldn't get out of it, so I
carried it out WITH her in it.  Then Willie jumped
onto HIS bed, as if he thought I would carry it,
with him in it, out here.  Not going to happen!!! 
He weighs about 40 pounds.
Tomorrow is our 32nd anniversary!  It's hard to
believe we've been married that long, but it has
been a very wonderful life together.  We are
planning to go out to lunch to celebrate.  YAY!
I thank God for this wonderful man who has given
me so much joy and love over the years.  I wish
everyone could find a person to love who shares
their beliefs and passions like I have. 
Well, that's it for today!  Have a great day and
keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.

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