Sunday, May 17, 2015

Now We are at Lake Tawakoni

First, I will tell you that we spent seven hours on
Mother's Day in the ladies bathroom at Lake
Whitney due to the tornado warnings.  It was
defintely NOT how I had expected to spend the
day, but thank God we were safe!  There were nine
people and nine dogs in the room, so it was quite
noisy and chaotic.  Around 5 pm the power went
out, so we were dependent on our flashlights and
candles after that.  During one pause in the
warnings we ran home to get more water and
grab a quick sandwich for dinner.  Later that
night we were told by a park ranger that there
were three trees and a power line down, plus

much more damage outside the park. 

Later that night the three of us decided to leave in
the morning.  We were going to go south near
Houston to a Thousand Trails Park called Lake
Conroe.  On the Monday morning news they
reported that the town of Willits and Lake
Conroe were soon to be hit by a tornado coming
north east through that we had to
rethink our plans, and decided to head northeast
to Lake Tawakoni.
On the way here we passed several flooded fields
like the one above.  We also saw some interesting
"dome" houses.

I'm not saying we got lost,
but I was surprised when I
saw this water tower on our
way here!

Lake Tawakoni is much larger than we had
expected it to be. When we arrived, we drove in
on US 276, which included driving over the lake
on a bridge.

 This park is a nice place with plenty of trees, but
when we backed into the site a branch overhead
scraped the awning and tore a hole in it.  By the
way, on Mother's Day hail stones hit the roof of
the RV, and when it rained we discovered we had
a leak in the bedroom roof.  After we got here we
called J & S Mobile RV Service.  John came over
the next morning and repaired and sealed the roof.
He had to order the new awning fabric and he
said he had an awning tube he could cut down for
us, since ours was badly bent.  He will be back
next week to replace the awning.  YAY!!!!  We have
not had any tornado warnings here, but we sure
have had a lot of rain.  Thank God the roof work
was done well, and we have been "as snug as a
bug in a rug!"  If you are in this area, and need
any RV service, we certainly do suggest you call
J & S Mobile RV Service, as they are prompt and
reliable, and their prices are very reasonable.

On the way to Wal-Mart on
Thursday we saw this sight.

Yesterday we went to Emory to a place called the
Emory Trade Center for the 3rd Saturday Street

  Sadly, on the way home we saw this dead bear
by the side of US 276.  We hadn 't realized we
were in as much of a wilderness area as it seems
to be.  
Today we woke up to another rain storm.
I sure wish we could send some of this rain back
to California, Arizona, and New Mexico!
This is Mary's van camper
across the street from us, and
you can see the puddles left
behind by today's storm.

It's really pretty here, and when it's not raining,
the dogs enjoy running and playing in the
beautiful, green grass here.  We expect to leave
here on May 26th, hopefully to continue north to
Lake Texoma, which is east of I-35 in or near the
town of Gordonville.  I guess that's all the news 
from here for today.   
I'll post again if anything interesting happens
before we leave here.

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