Saturday, May 2, 2015

We Survived our First Tornado!

Well, May is finally here, and we are in Whitney, TX.
We arrived last Saturday, April 25th.  It was a lovely,
sunny day.  Sunday morning we went grocery shopping, and when we came out of the Wal-Mart
in Hillsboro, we noticed the sky had gotten much
darker, with lots of clouds. 

We hurried back to our RV
and put stuff away.  This
cute sign is in the RV
Park.  So far, we've only
seen squirrels and bunnies,
but I'm hoping to see at least
one armadillo before we leave.

Hillsboro had a lovely old courthouse that had
burned down back in the 1990's and has since 
been re-built.  This is how it looks today. 

Hillsboro is a quaint town, with an interesting
old movie house, unusual architecture and nice
statuary.  Anyway, back to
my story.  Sunday evening we were treated to a
display of thunder and lightning that had our
dogs quite edgy.  Around 9 pm, we saw on TV that
a tornado had touched down in Rio Vista, which
was only about ten miles away, and it was moving
east, and leaving a rather wide swath of damage in
its wake.  It proceeded into Blum, which was only
about six miles north of us.  Then we got alerts on
our phones to seek shelter as we could expect it to
reach where we were before long.  We grabbed up
the dogs, water bottles, blankets and our phones
and headed to the brick comfort station.  There
were about eight others besides Mary, with her
two dogs and us with our two.  Some of us went
into the ladies room, and the others went into the
men's room.  This was around 10:30 pm.  We
had terrible winds, rain and of course, the thunder
and lightning for another 2 hours.  Finally, it
seemed to be letting up, so we all went outside, very
relieved to see our "wheel estate" was still there
unharmed.  None of us slept much that night, but
we certainly do thank God for keeping us safe and
together!  The next couple days were pretty calm,
as we tried to catch up on our sleep.  Monday our
two dogs slept almost all day.  Wednesday we went
back to the Hillsboro Wal-Mart as I wanted to get
a Nutri Ninja so we can start making nutritious
fruit and vegetable smoothies.  I am doing this for 
two meals a day, and a light, healthy dinner, and
already I have energy to burn!!!!  I am also starting
to lose weight from this new eating regimen.  
On Friday we drove over to see Waxahachi.  I hope
I spelled that correctly.  They report that they have
the MOST photographed courthouse in the country.
We even saw a couple who
had gotten married here, and they said I could
take their picture.   How neat to get married in
such an historic place!  I also took a picture of
the sign on the base of the statue above.
I guess we must remember we ARE in the south!
This was a memorial to the Confederate army.
That's all for today.  If the weather is kind to us,
we have more adventures in store for next week
before leaving here to head north.
Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down
as you explore this grand country of ours!


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