Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday and More Surprises

I didn't plan on publishing a blog until Sunday, but we will be trying to sell magnetic jewelry at the Silent Valley Arts & Crafts sale this Saturday, and I'm hoping I'll be too tired to blog after many, many sales!!!  Well I can hope.  There is much to report, and many pictures to include here.  

Tony wrote on Monday that he and Woody would like to come up to visit us on Tuesday, so Monday we did a little house cleaning.  Then late Monday afternoon it started raining.  After dinner I looked out the window and it looked like it had been snowing.  We went outside and discovered it was hailing like crazy!


 The picture above is the hail on our outside rug, and on the picnic table.  Below, you can see it on our car. 
The next morning we had to run down into town on an errand.  When I turned on the windshield wipers, there were chunks of ice on the wipers!  I would have expected that in January, but we didn't expect it late in April.  Tony said one year he saw snow in Perris, CA in July though, so I guess anything is possible with the weather.......but this sure doesn't seem much like "global warming".  I texted Tony about the hail, and he decided he'd better bring some long pants with him if it was going to be cold here!  Despite the cold weather, we had a nice time, and it warmed up enough for us to do some walking while he was here.

Today we drove down to Banning again.  A dear friend of mine had written back to me last week saying that in the 1940's his mom had worked at the air force base in Banning.  We have been camping here for quite a few years, and we didn't know there ever had been such a base here, so now it is going to be my project to do some research and find out anything I can about that base, and the history of this area.  My first search online has not produced anything yet, but I plan to try to dig deeper and find out whatever I can.  Today we took pictures of the murals we always see in town.

Here are two shots of one mural on a building on the main street of town, Ramsey St.

 This is the old clock on the top of the San Gorgornio Inn in town, but as you can see, it doesn't keep time anymore.
This is the window of the same place.
 Out behind this building I took some more pictures that are below.
These are near the railroad tracks that run through town.
This is an old building known as The Historic Coplin House.  It is currently being used as a lawyer's office.  Banning is also called Stagecoach City, and hosts an annual rodeo and wild west event.  We are looking forward to being here for that event this year.  In June there will be a Lavender festival, and I'm looking forward to that too.  

When we were Workampers up in Washington state, they had a Lavender festival in July in the town of Sequim, but we had to work that whole weekend, so we missed it.  There was a shop in Sequim that sold all kinds of lavender products, so I sent some nice items to my sister Donna for her birthday.   

I have to laugh that every time we visit a doctor, I guess they are required to do what they call depression screening and ask us a bunch of stupid questions to try to find out if we are depressed.  I keep telling them that since we live in a motor home and go wherever we want to go, we have NO REASON to ever be depressed.  I can't imagine a better life for us at this time of life, and it amuses me when they ask if we are depressed.  But life is short, so I hope all of you are enjoying every day of your lives.  As my friend Allyn said, we only pass this way once, so make the most of each day.  

Take care and stay well.  Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up and enjoy America.  There is no better place to be!!!!!


  1. Wow ... can't believe you had all that hail! We didn't even get any rain down here. Didn't know Banning had some pretty murals on some of the buildings. We're not into rodeos but if we were going to be here in June I'd want to go to that Lavender festival for sure. We've yet to have a doctor ask "depression screening" questions. Maybe you should wear a T=shirt next time that says, "Full time RVers don't get depressed!" Best of luck selling your jewelry tomorrow. Hope you have the best sales ever!

  2. I love your idea of the tee shirt that says Full time RVers don't get depressed. Jim used to use his air brush to paint tee shirts. maybe I'll see if he wants to do that again for us to wear to the doctor's offices. Sounds like a plan, and should save us all some time. YES, the weather was cold and damp and Jim didn't even think we should bother to set up. There were only four vendors who showed up, counting us, and we DID have the best sales ever. We even had three customers who came to our RV for special order pieces......and they are having a Mother's day sale next Saturday, and one of the vendors said she wants to take measurements on her mom for bracelets and anklets she will buy next week. YAY!!!!!!

  3. Fantastic! Really happy for you! xo