Sunday, August 7, 2016

August 7th at Wilderness Lakes

Good Morning Dear Friends and Family, 

 This week has not been a great one, but they can't all be great, I guess.  Sadly I upset my dear friend from Indiana this week.  I tried to apologize, as I never meant to offend her, but I have not heard back from her.  We used to work together when I was an IV nurse, before she moved away.  I missed her terribly until we were able to reconnect via email.  I truly hope she will read this, and know how sorry I am to have hurt her feelings.  As I wrote to her this week, new friends are SILVER, but old friends are GOLD.  I really hope she will write back again.  I would miss her emails full of wonderful stories and humor. 

I believe I posted about the wind last Saturday that pulled out the tie down of our Nook, and that it fell over to one side.  What I didn't report as we didn't notice it right away, was that when it fell, the screen on one side fell against the Velcro fastener on the back of one of our fold up chairs, and that it tore a hole about 8 inches long and 4 inches high when we pulled it back up.  That means the screen room no longer offers us any protection from flies and mosquitoes.  Yikes, up at Silent Valley, where we will be going on Thursday for four weeks, the flies and mosquitoes are every where..........and they love to eat me up!  That means when we take down our once beloved Nook, it goes into the dumpster.  Yes we could have patched it.........but we felt that this proved that the screen material was not strong enough and would tear again.........and the patch would look UGLY!  I was not happy with that idea, so we went online and found another 10' by 10' screen house that we ordered.  It claims to have "heavy duty mesh screening" so we hope it will be more durable.  It will arrive at the local Wal-Mart in Hemet on Wednesday or Thursday, so we can pick it up before we go up to Silent Valley.  Please wish us luck with the new screen room.  We haven't chosen a name for her yet.

Tuesday we took Willie to the vet to get his teeth cleaned.  We picked him up around 3 pm and came back home.  WOW!!!  He staggered like a drunken sailor and could not get up onto the couch without help.  Luckily this passed after a couple hours.  Now he is as good as new.  I am faithfully brushing teeth for both of them in the morning and again before bed.  They DON'T like it, but hopefully they WILL get used to it.  We can't afford to take them to the vet for cleaning too often.  

Somehow, Jim either lost or misplaced his magnetic quad bracelet this week.  We searched the car and everywhere he might have lost it, but to no avail.  I think it is someplace here in the RV, but we just can't find it, so I made him a pair of doubles.  This way he can wear one double on each wrist, or wear them together as a quad on one wrist.  

Yesterday we set up at the park here to sell our jewelry.  There was a huge family reunion going on at the other end of the park.  We hoped that might bring us some business, but that was not the case.  We had several people stop and ask about them, but no sales.  One lady said she would like to come to our site on Wednesday after she gets her social security check, but I'm NOT holding my breath.  Up at Silent Valley they don't have craft sales every week, but there will be a day for sales on September 3rd, so we hope to do well that day.  

We are no longer buying lunch at the restaurant here at Wilderness Lakes because they are now selling fried fish, and they fry everything else in the same deep fryer.  Since I am very, very allergic to fish and all seafood, I would have a serious reaction if we bought anything like French fries.  They had their annual luau yesterday but we had to pass on that too since they were deep frying everything they served!  

We had a guy from Shade Pro come over Saturday (before we ordered the screen house from Wal-Mart) to see about a new screen room that attaches to the side of the RV, but decided against it.  They have not improved it since we bought one back on 2011, and we felt there were some serious flaws in that model.  We also asked about an awning shade, but were not satisfied with what they had to offer or the price for it.  That was when we decided to try once more with the free standing screen house from Wal-Mart.  

Last evening, while we were enjoying our dinner, a yummy home made sausage and pepperoni pizza, some people started parking cars in the open area beside our RV.  Jim went out to ask what was going on.  It seems one of the campers down this row was having company, (party I expect) and needed extra space for parking, so the ranger had told them to park here. Before we knew it, they had NINE cars in a row and were about to drive a truck behind our RV to park it in our space!  I asked Jim to go out and tell them that they should make a double row in the area they had been given to use as it was NOT acceptable for them to park these vehicles in our site.  I was also afraid that if those drivers had a few drinks, they might hit our motorhome when they tried to leave here.  They ended up with twelve cars out here last night!!!!  OMG.  Thankfully, nobody hit our home when they left, but the last car didn't leave until this morning.

Many campers will be leaving today to go home and back to work tomorrow.  That will mean the park will be quiet again.  Rueben & Almita will be coming back tomorrow, so we can get together to play Train again before we leave for Silent Valley.  YAY!  We always love the time we spend with them.  I'll bake a cake for our get together.  I'm also hoping Judy & Frank will get back before we leave, but she went up near San Francisco to help out a daughter who had surgery recently, so we may not see them this week.  

Since yellow is my favorite color of roses, and my artificial flowers in the vase on our dining room table were getting rather lame looking, we bought a small bouquet of yellow roses to brighten up our table.  How do you like them?  

I'm not the only one who likes to use artificial flowers to make my home look nice.  Last week we saw this hanging outside an RV nearby.  We've even seen RVers who bring HUGE potted plants with them and set them outside of their motorhomes.  WOW!!!  Since we do NOT have any talent with live plants, that would never be us.  I am looking for a nice, artificial flower wreath I can hang outside on our motorhome.  It has to be small enough not to touch the outside of our water heater, and the ones I've seen, that I liked, were all too large, so I'll keep looking.  I have one for autumn, and one for winter, but I'd like one for spring and summer.  

Well that's all for today, so I will close now and wish you all a safe, and happy, and prosperous week ahead.  Stay cool, and hydrated, and keep your furry kids well and hydrated too.  Have a blessed day and remember to be kinder than you "need" to be to others, since you cannot know what stresses they are dealing with.  

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