Sunday, September 25, 2016

Our last Week here at Wilderness Lakes for a While

Hi Folks,  
I'm sorry it has been 15 days since our last posting.  We have been terribly busy, and yet have not accomplished nearly as much as we had hoped to get done.  Now I'll try to bring you up-to-date on the highlights of the last few weeks.

We have been talking to RV repair guys because we have some up-grades we would like to see about having done.  We would love to replace our existing kitchen sinks with an under mounted model, but Greg said that maybe it was beyond his capabilities.  We called Brad Miller, but he has been too busy so far to even stop by to see what I want done.  We also debated replacing the bathroom vanity top and sink, but it also looks like that may not happen either.  Kitchen counters and bathroom vanities in an RV are never the standard sizes that are sold in places like Home Depot or Lowe's. This next Tuesday Tony is coming over to see what I would like done, and see if he can do it for us.

On September 13th, we saw this painting on the back of a large Class A motorhome here in the park.  I really liked it.  Some people do some great things with their RVs!!!

On the 15th I took this picture of the full moon over the park.

The last two Saturdays we did quite well selling our magnetic jewelry.  During the week we have been going through our storage compartments trying to figure out what stuff we don't need anymore.  For those of you who don't RV, it is very important to keep the weight of all that you carry below what the RV is capable of carrying.  So we try to get rid of things we're not using.  We have cleaned out all the inside storage, and two of the outside compartments so far.  
I had to take this picture of Millie playing with a toy of hers that had been packed away for quite a while.  She and Willie had a great time playing with it.

Tomorrow we will try to get through a couple more outside compartments, but it's hard to do when it gets hot by 10 am!!!  Anyway, this past Saturday we were able to sell some good stuff we didn't need, and the rest went into the Salvation Army box out front in the park.  

We also gave Donna & George our large and heavy Shark vacuum cleaner.  It still works great, but we wanted something light weight and more compact.  We bought a canister vac from Eureka, and we are totally happy with it.

Last week we had dinner at Almita & Rueben's RV and played Mexican Train one night.  As always, it was a grand evening.  Diane & Steve, who used to be the RV hosts at the Garden Grove Elks lodge are here, and we've spent some time with them too.  It's been a really nice week. 
 This past Saturday we saw two hot air balloons ascending a short distance away from here.  Several years ago Jim and I went to the Balloon Festival in Temecula and took a ride in one.  It was awesome!!!!  It was so peaceful and calm and just amazing.  If you ever get the chance to take a hot air balloon ride, I totally suggest you do it.

I forgot to mention that I had my follow up visit for the lump in my right breast.  After a BRUTAL mammogram and the ultrasound, they informed me that it was just a lymph node and NOTHING is wrong.  YAY!!!!

Jim finally got to see his VA primary doctor.  We really like him, and his LVN that helped us understand the system.  They got Jim an appointment with an eye doctor at Loma Linda VA Hospital on October 6th.  Hopefully they will get Jim scheduled for his cataract surgery very soon.  

When we leave here on Thursday we are going to the Elks for a four day stay.  The main reason we are going there is to see a singer named Jerry Benton.  He is retiring after this weekend, and we just couldn't bear to miss his last performance.  After four days there, we will go up to Silent Valley, for our last time THIS year.  It gets too chilly there for me after October.

Oh yes, one more thing Jim wanted me to write about.  You have all read the many things I write about adopting shelter pets, and about being responsible for these wonderful animals.  Yesterday we saw a woman pull into a site with her RV.  She opened the driver's door to check her position in the site and her small dog FELL out and landed on his back!  Every pet owner needs to make sure their pets are safe when they travel.  Pets should either be secured safely with a car seat belt, or in a dog crate that is secured by a seat belt.  Later the same day we saw another RVer driving away with her dog in the dash board of the RV.  If the driver has to stop suddenly, that poor puppy will surely go flying, and could be injured badly.  Please everyone, make sure your pets are secured safely when you travel.  I know it's fun to let your dog ride on your lap, but it is NOT safe for them.  If you love a pet, please keep him safe!  

Happy Trails and be happy.  Life is a great adventure, enjoy it.  :o)  



  1. Absolutely buckle your pet(s) in !! A minor fender bender could be a heart breaking tragedy. I've read that pets loose in cars CAUSE more than 30,000 accidents a year.
    I'm glad everything is going so well for you all. Silent Valley is my favorite place to visit you.
    See yas tamale....err.. tomorrow

  2. Thanks for the comment. I hadn't heard that statistic, but it doesn't surprise me. Pets that are unrestrained in a moving car can be, at the very least, a distraction, and at worst, a cause of an accident. I truly hope our suggestions will help others to keep their pets, and themselves safe when they travel.