Sunday, October 9, 2016

More News from Silent Valley

Hi Again friends, 

I'm back now to finish the blog that I started last week.  It has been a busy week for us.  
As promised, here is the picture of Jim's brother Norm with Jeanette back in the 1980's.
We were very delighted that Jeanette's daughter Christine shared this picture with us.

Before we left the Garden Grove Elks, on Monday, Pastor Paul and his beautiful wife Aiko came to our motorhome for lunch.  We had a wonderful time together.  
Later,we went into the lodge for Taco night.  On the way in, with our friend Cindy, we saw this cute little tear drop trailer.

 I don't know who owns it, but we think it may have been a homemade camper.  So cute!!!!!
 This is a photo of a stained glass panel showing the head and antlers of an Elk, and was dedicated to "our absent members" and those who have served.  It is located above a half wall between the bar and the east room of the lodge.  It is very beautiful and inspirational.            

I'm not exactly sure just what this vehicle is, but we saw this when we came out of the lodge.  It said across the top of the windshield.  If you are curious, you might look it up online.
We came to Silent Valley on Tuesday, and on Thursday we went to Loma Linda VA for Jim to see an ophthalmologist about his cataracts.  We were amazed at the quality of the eye examination he received, and the doctor agreed that it is time for him to have surgery to remove the cataracts.  Much to our surprise, after hearing horror stories about long waits for care in the VA system, he has been scheduled for surgery on October 18th.  I don't know just how long he will have to wait for the second eye to be done, but the left eye will be done next week.  YAY!!!  

Since Jim will have to take it easy for a while, we have decided to go back to Wilderness Lakes the day before his surgery instead of after.  That way, we will have 21 days for him to recover before we travel again, to Palm Springs (Thousand Trails).  I am very grateful that my dear brother Tony has agreed to come to Wilderness Lakes on the 17th to look after our dogs while we go to the VA the next day.  
 Our site here has trees, and we get visited from squirrels and many kinds of birds.  I wish I could get a photo of the woodpecker that visits, but he leaves before I can get my camera out.  These black birds come by and tease our dogs, but of course they can't get to the birds.

Saturday the folks at Silent Valley held an Oktoberfest here.  They had the American Bavarian Brass Band here all afternoon.  I'm sorry that campers here didn't come out to enjoy their wonderful music.  This park is quite full, but I'd guess there was less than 50 people out there to enjoy the festivities.  It was loads of fun!  They did the "chicken dance" and a German version of the "hokey pokey".  But even better than that, they did a parade of flags, and honored each branch of the service.  Jim didn't feel like participating, so I carried a flag.  I felt grateful for the chance to honor our men and women who have served in the armed forces over the years.  
 I took this picture to show the pair of Elk Horns the band brought.  We were late getting there, so we missed hearing them being played though.  We left before the beer chugging contest.  I really didn't want to see that.  
We did go into the "Watering Hole" which is the local saloon here at the park, and saw this guy sitting near the door.  

We will not be here for it this year, but Silent Valley does have a very festive weekend celebration for Halloween.  They have a haunted house, and a haunted forest, plus special activities.  Many of the members who camp here this time of year set up very elaborate decorations each year.  It's really spectacular to see!  

I would like to make one comment, and tip, regarding Halloween now.  As you all know, we are a "dog family" but many families have cats in their households.  Sadly, I have heard that some people do terrible things to cats, especially black cats at this time of year.  If you do have cats, PLEASE keep your beloved pets safe now, and especially over the end of this month.  

It's time to close now, so I will leave you with my best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity.  As winter approaches, make sure to keep your pets safe and warm.  Be well, and enjoy life.  Good night dear ones.

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