Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Some Days are Too Good to Believe!

 I'll open with a picture I forgot to include in the last entry.  Millie and my favorite veteran.

There is much news to share today.  First news is that we have moved!!!  If you saw the pictures of the site we were in, you saw all the green things that fell off the tree onto our roof, awning, and patio area.  The tree gave lovely shade, and kept the RV cool on hot days, but the green things were annoying.  Also, Jim pointed out that the guy who is coming to re-seal the areas on the roof would not be able to get to them because of huge tree limbs that were in the way.  So after the church service on Easter Sunday, and after the delightful pot luck dinner here at the campground......we packed up and moved......two sites to the east of where we were before!  This site is a little bigger (YAY) and has no trees over it.  That does mean it is a little hotter, and we are having to use the air conditioner more (boo hoo) but we can't leave the dogs in here when it gets too hot without using the A/C.  Another nice thing about moving to this site is that we set up our satellite dish and found that we now can pull in the CBS channel which was not coming in at our other site.  YAY!  We have a few favorite shows we like to watch on CBS, so that was a bonus with moving here.
 This is a view of our site, and OUR picnic table area.  Nice and cozy I'd say. 
 This is a shot of the back of our site, and looking towards the office and recreation room.  Can you see the little orange turtle with the hat on?  The lady who runs this place makes all these cute critters.  
This picture is the trailer of our nearest neighbor to our right side. 

She is very nice and friendly.  I sat next to her at the pot luck.  She and her gentleman friend are here prospecting for gold.  That is what a lot of the people staying here do all day, most days......out in the hot sun.  Yikes! 
 Here's Millie, exploring our new site here at the Arrey RV Park.

Yesterday I got busy and did 6 loads of laundry in the morning.  We had some hanging outside, but most was inside.  We decided to play Mexican Train in the afternoon, so the dogs settled in for a nap since they know the game takes a couple hours.  All of a sudden the dogs ran out from the bedroom and began barking at the open door.  Jim got up to see why, and I heard him say "well hello there, come on in."  I was down the hall so I couldn't imagine who was at the door.  Then in the door came my dearest friend Joan.  She and I have been friends since back in the 1980s.  She and her husband Jim live in southern California, and we had not seen them since last September.  They are also retired and although not full time, they travel in a small van camper.  I could not have been more thrilled to see anyone!  She had read about our troubles with the car and RV on our blog, and decided to come visit us on their way to Louisiana.  They are going there for some kind of rodeo they have wanted to attend for a long time.  They couldn't stay here very long as they have to get there by Friday.  OMG!  We went to lunch with them at the Arrey Cafe.  It was beyond wonderful seeing them even for a short visit.  We are hoping that they will stop here on their way back from the rodeo and stay a few days or a week.  To be honest, I'm not sure if Joan's husband can stay put for a week, but there is much to see in this area and we'd love to show some of it to them, like maybe the Geronimo Museum, and some Ghost Towns.  I should have gotten a picture of them, and their van camper, but the visit was short and I forgot.  I will include their pictures if they make it back for another visit.  

This is an older picture of Joan visiting us at our RV during one of our stays at the Elks Lodge in Garden Grove.  I know I have other pictures of them, but I couldn't find one today.

Although the days have been rather warm (high 80's to low 90's) the nights cool off nicely for sleeping.  All in all, it is pleasant, and we are enjoying our time here.  

I guess the message for today is that we should look forward to each day knowing that whatever it brings is a gift from GodAlways know that God loves you and will provide for you.  He is truly AWESOME.  And His gift to us yesterday was a truly wonderful surprise.



  1. The joke was sure on us! We thought you probably were in another state now ... not just two sites over! Ha, ha!

    1. Actually, it looks like we will be here until sometime in June. Maybe some body else will come visit us while we are here.