Saturday, September 9, 2017

Summer is Over, but it's Still been Hot!

Hello everyone,

For some unknown reason my blog site would not let me start a new post, so yesterday I emailed Geeks on Tour and they told me what to do to get back to where I could start a new here we go again.  Did you miss us?

Most of the past week it has been quite hot, but today only got up to 92 so it felt better.  We even had some rain, I think it was on Thursday.  It was like the rain we got in New the time we took in the awning and put things away, the rain had stopped.
Did I tell you that we got a new EZ Up canopy last week?  High winds had shredded the canopy top on the one we had been using to keep the car cooler.  Our new one is a little bigger 12' by 12' and it is working nicely.  It gives us a little more room to open the car doors and remove stuff when we come back from Wal-Mart!  

In the last post I told you about our mishap with the tow bar assembly on the car coming off when we pulled out of the gas station in Hemet.  Jim tried to work on the assembly, but found it was bent just enough so it would not slide in and out of the mechanism for proper towing, so we went over to Richardson's RV to see if we could replace the part that was bent.  I worried about how safe it would be to use the old equipment with a new towing arm, so I asked Rafael how good a price he could give us if we bought the whole thing.  We have been good customers at this RV store, and he gave us a really good price!  Kudos for Richardson's RV in Menifee, for anyone who needs RV parts or service.  They also sell Jayco RVs, but we are happy with the one we have.  Anyway, we got it yesterday, and Jim & I got the whole new unit set up without too much difficulty.  I feel much better about towing the car with a new tow bar and with the EZ Connect electrical connector we got while we were in Arrey in June.  All is good for our travels starting in January.  

I have tried to download some pictures to this post, but they just didn't come through.  I will try again later but for now, sorry no pictures.  I took a picture of a vintage tiny red trailer that is for sale, if anyone is interested.  It might be the same one I put on the blog a couple months ago, but I'm not sure.  If anyone wants information on it, let me know and I will send you the phone number to contact the owner.

Jim saw his primary doctor for his checkup and renewal of his medications last Friday, and had his pre-op work-up at Loma Linda this past Tuesday.  His surgery to remove the stone in his ureter will be done next Friday.  My very dear friend Joan is coming up to the hospital to stay with me while Jim is in surgery.  
I can't tell you how much we appreciate her being with me through this.  My brother Tony will come here to look after the dogs while we are at Loma Linda.  We feel very blessed to have loved ones who are ready and willing to help us out this way.  

I would like to ask all of you to pray for the victims of the hurricanes in the Houston area and now approaching Florida, and the victims of the earthquake that hit off the coast of Mexico.  We can't begin to imagine how devastated these people are, and please pray for those who have lost loved ones in these disasters.  There are a number of places one can make donations to help these people.  Even Wal-Mart is matching donations of their customers.  

It's very easy to get all wrapped up in the business of life.  Many of us rush around doing all that we have to do, and forget how very fortunate we are to be here and to be able to do what we are  doing.  Please remember to be grateful for each day, and all that we have in this life.  Most of us are blessed to be living here in America, having a safe place to sleep, and enough food to eat.  Most of us have a little money in the bank, and a car to get around in.  We are free to worship where we want to, or not to worship, if we choose.   As I often do, I encourage all of you to begin each day with gratitude to God for all the blessings we enjoy.  

I will close for now, and try to figure out how to add pictures to my next blog post.  Stay well and be happy.  Good night friends.


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