Saturday, March 2, 2019

More News from Arrey

The weather has improved with the days warm enough for short sleeves, and nights cool enough to sleep comfortably.
 I don't remember if I posted this picture before.  It is an owl spinner that I bought in Quartzsite this year.  Since we can't put out our awning here because of a tree close to the RV, I have kept it inside so far.  I think I mentioned going out to dinner in Quartzsite with Big Fred and Marla, but I don't think I included the picture I took of them, so here it is, on the right.  In this restaurant there was a cute sign that I liked.  It works for us, and many of our friends I believe.

We think life is too short to skip dessert, or to drink cheap wine!!!
I do believe God meant for us to enjoy this life,
and we are doing our best to do so.

Here is a picture of the necklace I made for Willie, as you can see, my love of owls has NOT diminished.  He actually seems to like wearing it.

Our next blog will include more pictures, because I went crazy on this week.......ordered several new things, but they were ALL things we really needed.  I think so anyway.

My sister Judy lives in Zimmerman, Minnesota.  Many of us have been experiencing weather much colder than we are used to enduring.  But here is a picture of the area outside Judy's home.  This should help many of us to realize how lucky we are to NOT live in any of the frozen areas such as this one.  OMG!!!

I spoke about enjoying this life, but Jim and I are still striving to live a healthier life, so we may enjoy it for a longer time.  We have invested in a trampoline to exercise on.  Due to the cold and windy and rainy conditions, we have not used it as much as we had hoped to, but now that the weather is improving, I'm hoping to hop on it and use it every day.  We are walking more too, and trying to eat a more healthy diet.  We are eating more fruits and veggies and smaller portions of meat most days.  Jim has been drinking a lot of water every day too.  I knew I should, but the water in many campgrounds is pretty bad, so I wasn't drinking it.  I think I mentioned that our friend Sherry told us about the Zero water filter pitcher they use, and we ordered one.  It was too big to fit in our RV refrigerator, so we put it in the outside fridge.  It holds10 cups of   filtered water, and we use it to fill our drinking water bottles.  We  got another Zero pitcher that holds 6 cups of water and fits in the door of the RV refrigerator.  We use that one primarily to fill the dogs water bowls, make coffee, and cook with.  The big news I am also drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water each day, 
and I LIKE IT!  
We couldn't give up sweets entirely, but we have cut down on them a great deal.  We no longer keep ice cream in the freezer.  If we feel the need for candy, we buy ONE bar and split it.  We try to savor each bite so we enjoy the quality of our treat, not the quantity.  By cutting back on unhealthy snacks we are also saving a considerable amount of money..............and I am finally losing weight too!  Life is good, and we hope we will have good news in June after we see our doctors for our semi-annual checkups.  I'm also hoping that as I continue to lose weight, I will have less knee pain, so I will be able to exercise even more.

I know this is so bad, but it is also funny.  And we DO watch Wheel of Fortune too.
My point here is that life has it's ups and downs.  It's not always easy to be optimistic, and sometimes things seem to be really crappy, but we need to keep our sense of humor and laugh.  Some say laughter is the best medicine.  I'm not sure it is always better than what your doctor prescribes, but it does help us to carry on if we can still laugh.  And don't forget that we can laugh at ourselves and at our foibles too.
 Here are Diane & Jim Hubert, our two favorite glazed do-nuts!  And on the right is my dear sweet reindeer, Jim. And just to prove I can laugh at myself...........
 Here I am trying to take a selfie that shows a set of owl jewelry I had made.
And last but not least, Jim in a raccoon skin Daniel Boone hat I got him in Bowie, Arizona.

Life IS a gift, so have a great day and a most glorious week ahead.

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