Saturday, March 7, 2020

So Happy to be Here

It doesn't seem possible that we have been here over three weeks, but we have.  Our shed has not been delivered yet, but we hope it will be here soon.  I have already ordered a rug for inside and a matching mat for outside of the shed.  We want them here to put into the shed, when it arrives, before we start putting things into the shed.  I think I will order at least a few shelves before it gets here too.
We wanted to show Diane & Jim a good time while they were here, so we took a road trip last week.  We spent two days in Roswell, NM, where the aliens landed......and one day in Alamogordo.  The trip was a lot of fun, but our accommodations  left much to be desired, and I made the reservations, so I can't blame anybody else.  Now for some pictures:
This green guy, and the sign on the right were in the office of our motel in Roswell.
 This picture was taken in the visitors center, Jim was out in the car with all four of our dogs.  Please remember that for clarification, I will refer to Diane's husband as Red, and my hubby as Jim.  The picture on the right was displayed in the International UFO Museum in Roswell.
 Red wanted to visit 
with some of the "locals".
 But the guys on the right didn't have much to say.
 This handsome dude was also in the visitors center when we were there.
Here are Jim & Willie on the bed in our room.

We saw this on our way from Roswell to Alamogordo.  Yes, it is wrong to deface natural things, but this was an interesting sight.

 We had to stop here.  So much to see.  Jim had to say hello to the lady, but she was too shy to speak.

There were many funny signs, but Jim especially liked this one.  Diane and I liked the one on the right.
I couldn't leave out this sign below that we also saw here in Hondo.
On our way to Alamogordo, we TRIED to stop and visit the Billy the Kid Museum, but wouldn't you know we came on the one day a week they were closed.  We did take some pictures outside though.  You can't miss the UFO and aliens on the right side of this sign.  I think it said this guy was Black Jack Pershing.

In Tularosa we saw this and just had to get a picture of this cute lawn decoration.

Finally we got to Alamogordo, and stopped at
PistachioLand to see the world's tallest Pistachio nut.  We bought some nuts, some pumpkin/pistachio butter, and souvenir stuff here.  About a half mile down the road we stopped at Eagle Ranch/Heart of the Desert where we bought pistachio wine, pistachio candy and pistachio caramel popcorn.  I signed up for the wine club so I will receive two bottles of wine of my choice every other month.  Now that was worth the stop, and as a member, I get a 20% discount on my wines.

 This was on the main street in Alamagordo.  It was in a large park that had a smaller train running around that people could ride on.
If it is possible, the motel in Alamogordo was even worse than the one in Roswell!!!  So we were ALL very happy to get back home to Arrey on Thursday.  Diane took some other pictures, but she hasn't sent them to me yet, so I will have to include them in our next blog.  
After we got back home and put things away, Jim hung up my newest owl. I love it, and now we don't have to hang the dog's leashes on those ugly plastic Command hooks!  Willie and Millie were so happy to be home that they spent the rest of the day in their own beds!  Traveling is a lot of fun, but it's always wonderful to come back home.  Yesterday I baked a cake, and we all enjoyed it very much.  I gave my big Kitchenaide mixer to a friend here in the park so now I have more room in my kitchen cabinets for my wine glasses and bottles of wine!  All is good.  

The trip was great, and we thanked God for our safe travels each day and getting home safe and sound.  Our God is an awesome God and never let's us down.  

Hopefully I will have the pictures Diane took and new pictures of our shed to include the next time we post our blog.
Bye for now, and if you are in a state that does this, don't forget to move your clocks ahead one hour tonight. 

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