Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy Days in Garden Grove at the Elks

On Monday we drove up from Wilderness Lakes to the Garden Grove Elks Lodge.  For those of you who are familiar with this area......the drive was slow going because of construction between I-15 north onto California 91 west.  This area has had construction going for a very long time, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better!  It took close to an hour to travel less than five miles, but once we got past that area, it was an easy drive the rest of the way.  We arrived and were assigned site 13, so we parked the CAR in the site, and took the motor home to our local mechanic for an oil change.  He will be replacing our shocks on Tuesday, before we head back to Wilderness Lakes.  Near our mechanic's shop, we spotted two motorcycles with side cars for sale.  No, we don't plan to buy one, but I had to get a picture since they were kinda cute.

 We got back and settled into the site by about 2 pm.  The task of setting up the satellite dish went as easy as I can ever remember it happening.  We even got the bedroom TV to pick up over 100 channels, and that's without cable service here.  Both of the dogs love to come here because of the nice grassy park we can walk them in out back.  We had a nice evening and relaxed.  

Tuesday I wanted to take Jim out for lunch at his favorite little place, called Buffalo Wings and Things, for his long time favorite sandwich called Beef on a Weck.  This is a beef sandwich on a Kimmelweck roll, which used to be only available in Buffalo, NY.  This place was opened about 25 years ago, by a man who moved here from Buffalo, and has been a place we have enjoyed for all those years.  Tuesday, when we got there, we found a notice that they have closed up!  What a disappointment!  I didn't  want to go to just any place, so we looked for someplace "special" for lunch.  We drove all the way up Beach Blvd, and found Fuddruckers in Buena Park.  We hadn't been there in many, many years, so we decided to have lunch there.  They have very large portions, so we split a bacon cheese burger and a "small" order of chili cheese fries.  I don't know what they season the fries with (they leave the skins on and wedge cut them), but they were a delightful side dish.  No way we could have eaten a whole order or a whole burger each!!!!
After lunch we drove over to Camping World and bought the free-standing screen room we have wanted to get for a while.  It was on sale, so it was a good deal.  When we get back to Wilderness Lakes, we will try to set it up, and include pictures if we succeed!  After that, we stopped at the Westminster Mall to look in Penney's.  We didn't find what we were looking for, a cardigan sweater for Jim to replace the one he has, but we did see this in the parking lot......too cute!
 It looks a little lighter here, but it was like a bubble gum pink.  

We had such a filling lunch, that we only had Slim-fast smoothies for dinner.....Jim makes the Fudge Royale with a spoonful of peanut good.

On Wednesday we drove over to Los Alamitos to visit my Uncle Dave, who is 92 years old, at his mobile home.  He has an incredible mobile home, I would call it a triple wide!!!  He has room for a grandfather clock, a couple couches and two recliners in his living room.  It was good to see him, but I was sorry to see that he has become quite sedentary.  He used to be very active, skiing and jogging.  Sadly, it was a reminder to me that what we don't use, we WILL lose.  I realize ALL of us, as we age, cannot do what we could do 40 or 50 years ago, but I would like to urge those of you who can move, do what you can.  If you can walk, do it every day, even if you only walk a short distance.  You can increase the distance a little each week.  If you have access to a swimming pool, take advantage of the opportunity for low impact exercise.  We like to do water aerobics in the pool at the campgrounds we visit.  If you can ride a bike, even a stationary bike, try to do it a few times each week.  I don't like to EXERCISE, but I also don't want to lose any more muscle and mobility than I have to!  There is still a LOT we want to do, and you may feel the same way, so get moving before it's too late.

Today, my very dear friend Joan came to visit us.  She and I have been friends for MORE than 33 years, and she came to our wedding way back then!  I made sweet and sour chicken with rice for lunch.  It is always a very special occasion for me when she comes to visit.  Jim had made strawberry ice cream, but we found out Joan is allergic to strawberries, so instead we enjoyed snickerdoodles!  She wished us a happy 33rd anniversary.  I asked her how long she and her Jim have been married.  She said, "I was thinking about that....maybe 37 years."  I looked it up in my address book after she left, and guess what Joan?  In December you and Jim will have been married 39 years!!! 

At this point, I will close for tonight.  Tomorrow we will have dinner with our dear friends, Ron & Sherrie, in the lodge.  This Sunday will be PIZZA Sunday.  On Monday Ron & Sherrie will be coming here for a barbecue and to play Mexican Train.  So, with that much fun ahead.......I will blog again soon, probably after we get back to Wilderness Lakes and set up the screen room.

I would like to wish you all a safe, and pleasant Memorial Day.  Please take time to remember those who gave their lives to protect our freedoms.......and remember the phrase, "Freedom is NOT Free".  We pray every night for the safety of the men and women who serve around the world, and give thanks for them.  Stay well and enjoy America. 


  1. Glad to hear you and Jim are having such a good time with a visit to your uncle, good times with your friends, and good eats at Fuddruckers. We look forward to seeing your new free-standing screen when we see you again. Hope it's not too hard to put up. God Bless our Vets as we honor and remember those that gave their lives for our country. God Bless America!

  2. Thank you for your comments. I couldn't agree more! :o)