Thursday, February 9, 2017

Addendum to Yesterday's Post

Hi Again dear ones,

I have learned much today.  I learned how to add my signature to my emails, and how to change the font, font size and font color.  However, it seems that it must be changed for EACH email, instead of locking one selection in for all emails.  Alas, that makes me a teeny bit sad, but now I can use different fonts and colors depending on my mood at the time.  Still not sure how to find some email addresses from my contact list, but all in good time, I hope.  I also learned how to download my pictures, which is the reason for this addendum................the pictures not included yesterday.  Here we go.             
These first three pictures were sights we saw on the way up to Cottonwood.
I just thought the signs were amusing!
But I also thought the view was magnificent too.  I hope you will agree.

On the right is my new kitchen curtain.  I love the sea shells on the white back ground.  
As I said, the new curtain for the dining room will be here next week.

The view around Sedona is really beautiful.   This picture on the right is of our friends Judy & Frank.  It's an old picture, but I just came across it in my Google album, and decided to add it now.
 This is our great helper, Joe South from the Staples store in Sedona.  This picture is a church we saw on the way to Sedona.  
We saw this sculpture in Sedona; it's called the Escape.  I have no idea who did this, but if we get back there, I will try to find out more about it.  
This last picture below was an interesting looking trailer we saw today.  All silver with black glass windows.  Very sleek and modern looking I'd say. 

These pink jeeps are used for tours around Sedona.  I think they go up into the Red Rock State Park.  We'd love to do that, but after what this computer cost us, we won't be doing that or taking the train ride around the valley this visit.

Last, but not least, we saw this beautiful older car in the Wal-Mart parking lot here in Cottonwood.  You never know what you'll see when you are out and about!  Must close for now.  This program takes forever to download pictures, so tomorrow I need to call tech support to find a faster way.  Bye for now.


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