Wednesday, February 8, 2017

OMG What Have I done?????

As some of you know, we left Quartzsite last Wednesday to come up to Cottonwood, AZ.  As many of you already know, my laptop has been on it's last, pitifully decrepit legs for some time now.  Tony wrote me that he had purchased a refurbished laptop recently, and I figured it was past time that I should do likewise.  We drove over to Sedona to the Staples store there.  They told me that they did not offer refurbished ones, but would be happy to help me if I wanted to look at new laptops.  One might think I should have just said maybe next time and left, but Jim was encouraging me to see what they had to offer.  I was looking at the lower end of the price range for one with an Intel Pentium core, and Joe said that it would never give me the quality and longevity I wanted and that for "a little more", I could get an Intel core i3 or i5.  To make the long, and boring story shorter, Jim & I selected a Dell with Intel i5.  It even has a back lighted keyboard.  Don't get me wrong, Joe was a great help, and I don't regret getting this computer with SSD and a precision touchpad.  I know that once I learn what I am doing, I may even like this beast!  But right now, I can't even find my email contacts address book.  I have tried typing in part of someone's email  address in hopes that it will "pop" up, but that has only happened with a couple addresses.  I really liked being able to choose the font for my email and the color and size of the font, which I have not learned how to do, if in fact I still can do that.  Also, in my Vista, I had been able to create a "signature box" as many of you know.  Whenever I began an email to send out, it showed my signature at the bottom.  If this is possible with this Dell, I have not figured out how to do it.  Last but very definitely not least, on the Vista, in my email I was able to create folders, such as "Family Pictures", "Friends," "Elk Lodges we visit" and "Online Accounts".  Again, if this is possible, I don't yet know how.  Joe said there would be a learning curve, but I feel really stupid that I can't do what I'm trying to do.  

Also, I have not been able to install my printer yet.  I was able to install my PrintMaster Platinum program, BUT so far, I have not been able to get it to work.  I got tired so I have not tried to download my photo program, so even though I have taken some wonderful pictures, both in Quartzsite and here, I will not be able to include them in this blog, maybe later.  

I took a picture of Joe South, the general manager, who spent a great deal of time with me both times I was in the store but as yet I can't download it into this computer, so I can't post it yet.  Since I am obsessive compulsive, I need to ask and sometimes re-ask a lot of questions.  He never gave up on me.  He was very helpful, and incredibly patient with me.  I hope to figure out how to post Joe's picture, because if ever you are in this area and need computer supplies or help, he is the man to go to.  Interestingly, he is very familiar with the area of Menifee and Temecula, and his mom lives in Hemet, so it felt like I was talking to a local old friend (but I don't mean old in a bad way).  He never rushed me or made me feel stupid..............I just did that after I got back home.  LOL.

I recently got a new pair of curtains for my kitchen window over the sink, and when I can download pictures you will see how nice they look.  I was so pleased with them, that I ordered a nice pair for the dining room window.  They are supposed to arrive next Monday, so maybe by then I will be able to download pictures to share.  

I will tell you that if you have not been to Sedona, you should find the time to go there.  It is in "Red Rock Country", and is very scenic and beautiful.  As I always have said, God is THE artist of all artists, and this area is some of his finest work.  I have said many times how beautiful the desert is.  It is a constantly changing array of incredible colors, and beauty is all around you.  I think everyone should see it at least once in his or her lifetime.  I believe too many people over-use the word awesome, but the beauty of this area really IS awesome.  

Do you remember a few weeks ago, when I said we should all be kinder to others than we might want to be because we never know what the other person might be struggling with?  I had just such an experience recently.  I became frustrated with someone who seemed to be unreasonably curt with me on the phone.  I emailed him back with how he had made me feel.  He wrote back later apologizing for how he had spoken to me, and then proceeded to tell me just what he was dealing with at the time.  It was a huge reminder to me that we never know what may be troubling others, and we should always be slow to anger and quick to forgive.  

Have a wonderful and blessed week and enjoy each day and all the incredible gifts God gives to each of us.  Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down, as Walt used to say! 


  1. Sorry you're experiencing so much frustration learning your new laptop. You can do all the things you could do with your former laptop but I think someone may have to show you either back at the store or calling Dell Tech Support. it's confusing now but before you know it will all be familiar and second nature to you. We've been to Sedona twice and it surely is a "must see" place. You think the word "awesome" is over-used. My beef is with the word "amazing". People need a Thesaurus! "Slow to anger and quick to forgive" is the way to be but in our humanity not always easy. All we can do is keep trying and hopefully we'll get better at it.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging remarks. I'll keep trying!