Friday, March 31, 2017

Another Windy Day in Arrey

Hi Dear Ones,
By the way, I'm not sure I told all of you, but the town of Arrey is not pronounced like it appears.  It is pronounced as if it was spelled Array.  Just so you know.  Lately we have been getting winds up to 35 mph with gusts up to 50mph!  It seems like every time we think it has calmed down, and we put out the awning and outdoor chairs............the winds start up again.  Unfortunately for me, this wind has made my chronic cough much worse too.  
The nights have been down in the low 40's, so we have needed to use our electric blanket in bed, and the furnace set low to keep the house warm.  Yesterday we got up to discover the remote tank of propane ran out during the night, and it was only 50 inside......much too chilly for me.  Jim got dressed and went outside to disconnect the remote tank and turn on the RV propane tank.  The reason we use the remote tank is because if we run out of propane in the RV tank, we would have to break down and drive the RV some place to refill the tank, and then come back and set everything up awful lot of work.  By using the remote tank, we only have to disconnect it and go some place to refill it....much easier.  Only yesterday that too was a problem, since we don't have a car to get around in.  Luckily, Ric was available and he drove us to the Lakeside RV Park in nearby Caballo to fill the remote tank, so we are good again.  
Yesterday we got a call from Big Al, saying we can pick the car up this afternoon, but he still has to get one more part for it from the GM dealership.  This repair has ended up costing much, much more than we had hoped for it to be.  He had hoped to get parts from an after-market supplier, but since the Saturn is an "orphan" car, he was not able to find the parts we needed, and had to buy them from GM, at a much higher price.  Luckily for us, he is willing to let us pick up the car now, and pay him the balance next month, when we get paid.  He is only doing that for us because we are friends of Pastor Ric, I'm sure.  Does anybody know the winning Lotto numbers?  Oh well.
Originally we had hoped to be back on the road by the middle of April, but now it may be as late as the end of May or even the middle of June before we can get back on the road to come home to California.  Yikes!  Ric will be tormenting me something crazy by then!  By the way, he hasn't found the Kool-Aid packets yet.   
Tomorrow he is taking us, and the furry kids, on a road trip to a place you can only get into twice a year.  I hope this isn't a huge April Fool's day joke, but I believe he said it's the place where the first atomic bomb was tested.  Maybe we will be glowing in the dark after we go there.  I'll post pictures when we get back........if we make it back.  LOL   
I'm sorry that I don't have any new pictures for today, but I forgot to take my camera when we went out yesterday.  Ric said he will take us to see Sammy the Camel so I'll have a picture of that too. 
It would be easy for me to get depressed about all these unexpected problems, but I'm not going to.  I have had time to enjoy reading everyday.  Jim and I continue to read about five chapters from the Bible every morning.  It's a great way to start your day!  I am also enjoying reading my beloved mysteries.  This RV Park even has a book exchange, and yesterday I picked out four new books to read.  With all we had been through, we were really exhausted when we got here, so now we have been forced to rest and relax.  Again, all good.  Blessings sometimes come our way without us realizing that is what has happened, until later.  Now I wouldn't wish these damages, or expenses on anyone, but we will enjoy our time here, and continue to count our blessings every day.  I wish you all Peace, and Happiness, and all the blessings our Heavenly Father has for you, today and in the days ahead.  

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  1. Sorry about your chronic cough and "more than you expected" expense to get your car in working order. But you have a great attitude by looking at what is positive in your daily life and counting your blessings. This kind of attitude brings that peace that the world can not give. So where did Pastor Ric take you on April Fool's Day? When you figure out your new itinerary let us know! Hugs from us!