Thursday, March 16, 2017

Here in Arrey, NM

Dear Friends and family,
Things are beginning to look up a bit today.  Last night we got the electric working here in the RV park and are all settled in for a month or two.  I think I have already told you that we have cancelled our trips to Meteor Crater, and the Grand Canyon, but this will also mean we won't be going up to Las Vegas, St. George, Utah and to Pahrump, NV this year.  We gave it much thought, and we are pretty sure those places aren't going anywhere this year, so I'm pretty sure maybe we can reschedule that trip next year.
Today our dear friend Ric (who has been picking on me unmercifully since we got here) took us to see Big Al, who will do the needed repairs to make our car tow-able again.  The repairs are costing big bucks, but I'm sure it would be much worse anywhere else.  
This truck was in the garage at Big Al's.  Isn't she a beauty???
 We still need to get some repairs on the RV before we leave here.  We want to order the EZ connectors so the electric cord can't come apart and do all the damage it did this time ever again.  Once we get the parts we need, we'll have to find someone who can install them for us.  There is an RV place in Hatch, just down the road a bit, and we'll see if they can do it.
After we left Big Al's, we went to get a few groceries and gas up the car.  This is what we saw across the street.

I don't believe I've ever seen a camouflaged RV before.
We also saw a guy on a motorcycle who had cut the top off his cargo box behind his seat, so his dog had a safe place to ride.  But he left before I could get a picture of them.

I know some friends think we should continue on this adventure and go all the places we had planned to, but we don't agree.  We believe sometimes God lets something bad happen to protect us from something much worse happening.  We believe He is telling us to go home to California when we are able to leave here.  What happened to us could have been very much worse, but God watched over us.  The guy in Deming said he thought the welds were broken long before the incident on Monday.  If that is true, we are very, very blessed that the car didn't break loose at some point.  It could have struck and injured or killed someone.  But that didn't happen because God was watching out for us.  We could have been injured or killed but we weren't.  We have heard stories of similar incidents that turned out far worse.  This has only cost us money......but thanks to our Heavenly Father no one was injured.  I don't like having to spend this money for repairs anymore than anyone else would, but we are still counting our blessings BIG TIME.
I'm going to close for now, but I wish you all the blessings you need.  I won't wish anyone get what they deserve, because God wants to bless you with so very much more, if you just ask for it.  Remember, He knows what you need, and that is very seldom the same as what YOU think you need.  Trust God, and your life will be blessed.

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  1. I don't believe the your Heavenly Father is giving you a SIGN, to tuck your tailpipe between your dualies and run for California. Like this is the Promised Land of milk, nonfat from free range cows, and Organic honey. If He/She is looking out for you now, then your Divine Insurance is GOOD where ever you go. GO see one of the Big Guy's finest creations, and pray your thankyous by hundreds of millions of years of beauty.
    Tomorrow is promised to no one.

    I love you four intrepid travelers. And you're an inspiration.

    What if, what if, what if: you trust in your Higher Power??