Thursday, June 8, 2017

On the Road Again......after our stay in Arrey, NM

It has been a long time (almost 3 months) since we have been traveling by RV.  It felt a little strange to get all hooked up and start out for our travels back to southern California today.  We left with terribly mixed emotions.  Yes, we do want to get back to see our family and friends in CA, but it was hard to say good bye to the friends we have made in Arrey.  Janice, if you read this, please know you are truly amazing.  In our time there you have been a wonderful helper when we needed advice or assistance.  Also, you have become a treasured friend, and I do not use that word unless I really mean it.  When you sent me the text message this morning it brought tears to my eyes.  We will miss you, and  will look forward to next February when we return.  Please tell Jerry too that we appreciate the help he gave us whenever we needed it.  
I got some neat pictures of a lovely bird that came to visit us last Thursday.  


Not only was he beautiful, he was a HAM!!!!  

He also seemed to enjoy posing for us to take the pictures of him.  Before long we got this really cute shot!

 He was only a few feet away from me when I took this one.  WOW!

Yesterday we started packing up to travel.  Jim loaded the small refrigerator into the car...........and that's when he discovered that we had never put the tow bar back onto the car after the repairs done back in March by Big Al!  As usual, nothing goes easily, and Jerry came over to help us figure out what we were doing wrong.   
Before I forget to tell you, on Saturday we visited the Veterans Museum in Truth or Consequences.  They have a plaque (bronze I think) detailing each battle that Americans have fought in.
These plaques are arranged in a star formation, with an eagle in the center as the Guardian of the park.

I took these two before going inside the museum.

There is much to be seen inside this
incredible museum that has been designed to honor American men and women who have served their country.  If you want to see more of the pictures I took, let me know and I will try to send you the collection.  We were honored to talk with a Korean Veteran who was a volunteer at the museum that day.  You can probably see more if you go to the web site for this museum.  It can be accessed at: I believe.  There is also a Veterans wall that is a 1/3 size replica of the Viet Nam veterans wall. outside in the park.

Sunday, after church, Ric came over for lunch and I made a ham and cheese quiche.  He said it was pretty good considering that the ham was not Kosher!  LOL.  That afternoon we played Mexican Train, and he really beat us terribly...............maybe he cheats!  Just kidding Ric.
I didn't do much Monday or Tuesday since I had a terrible migraine headache.  Then last night Janice took us (and Ric) to dinner at the Arrey Cafe.  Boy will I miss that place.  Everybody is so very friendly there, and the food is great too.  I took my camera, but forgot to take any pictures.
Today we got everything ready to go, and before we left, Rick O'Neil showed up to do some work for Janice on her RV.  He is the guy who did a ton of work for us when we lived for six months in TorC as WorKampers at a hot springs place.  It was nice to chat with him a bit before we left.  

Here's is something I found amazing this past week or so.  Always when we have been here, we have left in April.  I have told you repeatedly how beautiful the desert is....but since we stayed longer this time, we saw something we have never seen here before.  The cacti are in full, glorious bloom!
Everywhere we have driven, especially today, we have seen these amazing white flowers.  We saw many other beautiful flowers along the way, but I was not too successful taking pictures at 60 miles per hour!
I did get some small yellow flowers, and one shot of pink ones, but not the gorgeous purple flowers I saw only once.

Later, on the way to Lordsburg, we found out where old cargo containers go to die.
It seemed kinda sad to us.  Later, we passed this marker, shortly before we got to 
 our destination, the KOA in Lordsburg, NM.  

 I also wanted to include a picture of my fearless driver at the wheel!  We got to the KOA about 12:30 today and were all set up before 2 pm.  Tonight we are going to check out a cute local place called Kranberry"s Family Restaurant.  Tomorrow we will go to Benson, AZ for two days.  Since it is up around 100 degrees all over southern AZ, we decided we will only dry camp at the Elks in Casa Grande for one night, and probably only stay one night in Quartzsite...............and then up to Silent Valley on Tuesday, where we HOPE it will be cooler.  I probably won't have anything to write about until we get up there, so I will close with a picture of Jim in his new lounge chair.........that he has to share with Millie.  
The day he set it up, she got in it before he could!

I know everyone knows the adage, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade", but I want to add that when detours block your way, enjoy the scenery.  There are no bad days if you take the time to find the beauty in them.  Live each day knowing God created it for you, and learn to appreciate unexpected blessings.  Keep the shiny side up, and the rubber side our dear friend Walt Wille always used to say, and have a simply marvelous day.


  1. Well, you sure have had a wonderful three months in your new place of residence. I know saying goodbye was hard but I'm sure you'll stay in touch and at least you can look forward to being with all those friends again next February. The Veteran's Museum sounds really interesting. You did see a lot of new and interesting things in New Mexico! By the way, your bird is a Eurasian Collared Dove. I haven't seen any here but we had those up in northern Nevada. Have a safe trip back and see you soon!

    1. Thanks. I just KNEW you would be able to tell me what that handsome bird was. It was so cute the way he kept posing for me to take more pictures. And yes, it was hard to say good byes, and yes we will keep in touch. Janice will be doing our mail forwarding too. Bye for now.
      Hugs, Sue & Jim