Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Short Addendum to Yesterday's Post

Hi Everyone,
I didn't expect to be writing again today, but Jim took some pictures after I finished yesterday that I just had to share with all of you.  Around 5 pm it got very cloudy, really dark clouds.  Then we got some thunder and lightning too.  Some of our neighbors thought it was a false alarm, but Jim stowed our outdoor chairs under the RV, just in's what followed.
You can see how dark the sky got for this early in the evening.
 This is  looking back towards the east section of the RV Park.
 This is our picnic table......we didn't use it yesterday.  Probably won't use it today either.  LOL  Did you notice the big puddle behind Janice's RV?
This shows how wet it got over in the office/rec room area.  Not much activity there.  The rain initially let up after about 15 or 20 minutes.  Then we got more thunder and lightning and steady rain for a few hours more.  I'm sure the local farmers were delighted, but our dogs....not so much.  But the nice part was that it cooled off quite a bit.  More good news:  since Manny De La Pena (of Ferndelp's RV Service) did such an amazing job sealing the roof and all around our RV.....we were warm and dry.  Not one single spot leaked!!!!  Yay!
If any RVers out there are in New Mexico, and need to get their RVs re-sealed, you should call Manny.  I can give you his number if you need it.  His price may seem high, but it is well worth it to protect your investment, especially if it is your home.

At the pot luck on Saturday, our neighbor Verne showed us his Yeti drink holder.  It holds a 12 ounce can of soda, etc and keeps it cold for at least 3 hours.  He said that you can get a less expensive one from Wal-Mart.  The brand name is Ozark Trails.  We purchased two of them.  I got the black one, and Jim chose the all metal (silver colored) one.  We found that that metal one cross threaded when we tried to put the top rim on it.  We took it back and got a second one in black, and we are very happy with them.  The Yeti, which I think is made by Thermos brand was almost $30, but the Ozark Trails ones in black were under $8.00, which we thought was a great deal.
In order to tell them apart, I used pink nail polish to put a heart on the side of mine.  As you can see behind them, Millie had to check them out.  LOL.
 That's all I wanted to add today.  
We hope to drive over to the Heart of the Desert in Alamogordo if it doesn't rain too much on Friday.  If we do, there will be an entry, and pictures on Saturday.  We will be leaving here, albeit reluctantly, on June 8th.  That night we will be staying at the KOA in Lordsburg, NM.  We will stay June 9th and 10th in Benson, AZ, then two nights at the Elks in Casa Grande, and two nights in Quartzsite, AZ before we get to our beloved campground at Silent Valley, 9 miles above Banning, CA.  We will enjoy a delightful stay there, as long as there are no brush fires!  Happy trails to my traveling friends, and we wish you all will enjoy the beauty of America, and see as much of it as you can.  Stay well. 

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