Friday, May 5, 2017

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise

It's hard to describe how happy I am to be in such a perfect place and enjoy this beauty and peacefulness.  I want to include a few pictures I believe I had forgotten to post in earlier blogs.
 I didn't have any place for some magnets I had, so Jim bought and mounted a metal cookie sheet beside the end of the couch for me to display them.  Cool, huh?
 This is the corner of a local store called Lil Abner's.  I didn't ask how a boat ended up in the corner of the store....but Caballo Lake IS nearby.  On the right is a FastStop gas station/store in Williamsburg.  The picture didn't really capture what I was trying to show.....but again, a vehicle (the white VW) appears to have run into this store too.  I guess I should wonder how much some people drink before they drive.....
Last Friday night we took Ric to dinner at the Arrey Cafe, a popular local restaurant.  The food is pretty good, but the main appeal is the incredibly friendly atmosphere in there.
It's located right on Highway 187, next to the only grocery store in town and across the street from the post office.  Very convenient, I'd say.
You may have heard us mention (or seen on TV) tiny houses.  Well this looks to me like a homemade one we saw going down the street in TorC this week.

Anyway, things are going well for us.  We got our driver's licenses, and are registered voters here now.  I spent most of one day this week notifying many, many people, and businesses of our change of address.  What a nuisance!  I hope we never have to do that again.  Today we changed our bank account to a local branch in Hatch, another cute little town nearby.  When you come off I-25 to go into Hatch, the first place you see is Gilly's Chilies, where we always buy the green chili sauce I love.
After you pass this, you come to Franciscan RV Sales and Service, as you will see in the next pictures.
Not every RV shop has a giant holding a tiny RV in his hand!

Farther into town is Sparkey's, a little restaurant that is known for their Green Chili Cheeseburgers and their statues.
We have eaten there in the past, and the food  is OK, but not nearly as good, in my humble opinion, as the A B Drive-in in TorC.

After we went to the bank in Hatch, we stopped at the "Hometown Hardware" store.  We will HAVE to go back and spend more time there.  It is an interesting old time hardware store...........not like Home Depot or Lowe's.  We both want to poke around in all the nooks and crannies of this store.  No telling just what one might find!  

Today is the beginning of the Festival in TorC.  Tomorrow we are going to try to get into town early enough to park our car at the A B Drive-in to watch the parade and then have lunch there.  There will be music and vendors set up in Ralph Edwards Park after the parade, but I don't know if we will stay for that.  If we take the dogs with us, that would probably not be a good idea since Willie gets so scared in crowds.  

Speaking of Willie, he woke us up early Monday morning (like 5 am) and long story short, he ended up at the veterinary office in TorC and was treated for a urinary tract infection (or maybe a kidney stone he might have passed).  He is on an antibiotic for two weeks, and he seems much better already.  It breaks my heart to see either of our furry kids get sick, and is such a relief when they feel better.  I feel so helpless when I don't know what is wrong.  Thank God for good veterinarians who care for animals so kindly.  

As always, we thank God for our many blessings.  I am amazed at how beautiful and green it is now here in New Mexico.
   I feel very blessed to have found this beautiful place to call home, and when we do stop traveling, some time down the road, we will be very happy to live among all the wonderful people and the beauty of this state.  Enjoy each day as it will never be again.  Don't put off until tomorrow the things you want to do.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed, but today is what we have, and we should be grateful for each day we have.  As Ric often says Be blessed, and know God and see Him in everything around you.  Bye for now.

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