Monday, May 15, 2017

Another Beautiful Day in Arrey

I hope all the ladies reading this had a very nice Mother's Day yesterday.  I hope you had a chance to spend time with your children, and enjoyed a day filled with warmth and love.  Children should remember to "Honor thy Father and Mother" every day, but it's nice to have a special day to honor our parents.  Those of us who no longer have parents would love to have one more day to spend with them and a chance to thank them one more time for how much they gave to us.  To any out there who are estranged from your parents, for any reason at all, please reach out to them now.  None of us knows how much longer we, or our parents, have on earth.  Before you know  it, it will be too late, and you will be filled with regret that you didn't tell them how much you loved them.  Please don't put it off, or you may be very, very sorry.
We had a very nice day.  After a lovely breakfast that Jim made, we went to church in TorC.  The choir sang two of my grandmother's favorite hymns:  The Old Rugged Cross and Amazing Grace.  The pastor gave out Bible bookmarks to all the mothers that were there.  Later in the day, we invited Janice (below is the promised picture of our friend Janice)

 to join us for a delicious dinner and had angel food cake for dessert.  In the evening we sat outside and watched yet another spectacular sunset.  One might think all sunsets are about the same, but if you did, you would be very mistaken.

 This is looking over towards the east and the office here in the park.

 These are looking west, outside the park.Below are views as it got later in the evening and the sky got darker. 
As you can see, the beauty here is amazing and ever changing as we watch it and thank God for all He has blessed us with.
Now to back track a bit, Manny came out on Thursday and re-sealed the cracks on the roof of our RV, but we also found out that we need to have the slides and windows re-sealed too, which he is going to do next week.  It is not cheap, but much less expensive than if we get a leak and have to have major repairs done to the RV.  Tomorrow Sal is coming out to wash and wax and detail the RV from top to bottom.  And on Thursday of this week, Larry of Larry's Mobile RV Service is coming up from Las Cruces to install the EZ connectors, to replace the cable that broke loose and did all the damage to the car back in March.  Then all we have left to do will be to get the RV registered, once the DMV gets the copy of the title from South Dakota.  

On Friday we went to Hatch to Franciscan RV to get a replacement cover for the bathroom ceiling vent.  There was much to see, and photograph there.
 I'm not sure how this piano got dropped on top of the AirStream trailer, but it catches your eye.
 They have an open garage of vintage cars on display and some are even for sale.
 I had to take a

picture of her, just because she was there!  Below is a picture taken inside of two player pianos they had.
Next door to this RV service place was a store called Hatch Chile Express.

It was a gold mine of things I just had to have!
These wind socks and dried chilies were hanging outside.  I bought the wind sock you can see to the far left in the picture above.
 This beautiful display of chili pepper crosses impressed me, but I felt we couldn't risk the dogs getting hold of one and chewing on it!
Jim took this picture when we first entered the store, and yes that is the back of  my head in the lower right best side.  I was able to get some MILD green chili salsa from Las Cruces, made with Hatch chilies, and I bought a magnetic cross to add to my magnet board over the end of the couch.  I got a cute tee shirt and a chili dog shot glass, and a beer stein from Hatch for Jim.  It was a really nice outing!!!

It is time to close now.  I would like to include some "Mom"-isms that were printed in the church bulletin yesterday.
The term "working mother" is redundant.
Mother is a verb.  It's something you do, not just who you are.
A mother is not someone you lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.
Nothing is really lost until your mom can't find it.
Life doesn't come with a manual.  It comes with a mom.

I would like to add that becoming a mom doesn't come with a manual either.  We learn as we go along, and we definitely make mistakes, but we never stop loving our children, and we never stop worrying about them.  If you still have a mom, please love her, and forgive her for all the mistakes she made.  She did the best she could.  She gave you life and then tried to guide you to become the best person you can be.  She prayed for you and watch you grow.  God knows how much she loved you, so please let her know you appreciate all she did, and the sacrifices she made for you.  Now, keep the shiny side up and enjoy this wonderful, if not perfect life you have.  It IS a grand gift from God.

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  1. Glad you're having such a fine time. Is Janice single ? I think she's pretty. Not that I'm in the market, so to speak. Hatch looks like chili heaven. Wish I could visit y'all there in NM. Heck, you may even start appreciating local cuisine.
    See you in June and/or July. Silent Valley is my favorite campground.