Monday, October 30, 2017

Cooling Off in Palm Springs

It has been quite hot here in the desert for the past week, but praise be to God it is finally starting to feel like autumn here.  We are so grateful for our two working air conditioners since it was over 100 most days, and only down into the mid 70's at night.  This week it's only supposed to get into the mid 80's with nights in the lower 60's.  What a blessed relief that will be.  With it being cooler the last two mornings, we have begun taking a 30 minute walk here in the park.  That, of course means I have gotten to take some pictures of the other RVs we see here.  Palm Springs, for those of you who don't live here and might not know, is a rather hoity toity area.  It is home to many wealthy retired people, and a second home to many of the rich and famous.......NOT like us.  We see a lot of very pricey RVs here, but also some that are not so pricey.  I always like seeing the variety that comes here.

Here are two shots of a Gateway 5th wheel trailer.  It is interesting because it has a patio extension on the side of it.  We saw these on the TV show "Big Time RV" but it's the first side patio we have seen up close.  This trailer has two slide rooms on each side, so the inside area must be huge!  We watched him back it in to his site.  He tried three other sites before he found one with enough space for the slide rooms AND the patio.  Boy I'm glad we don't have anything THAT big to maneuver in.  I would be terrified for sure.  We also can't afford anything that big, but we still don't want anything bigger than what we have.  This is just right for the two of us and the two furry kids.
 Here is a van/camper we have seen here before.  I don't know if he lives in this park, but he goes out every day, and returns at night, so he might have a job some place nearby.
I got a kick out of the decor outside this motorhome.  Lots of people really get into the Halloween spirit.
 This is called an R-pod, and I was surprised to see the slide room on it.
 Here's another view on the other side.  I don't really want a trailer, but this sure is a cute one.  The picture on the right is between the two windows on it.  I just had to include it, since it was a frog paddling a canoe! Too cute.

Somebody will have to tell me what kind of bush this is, but they are all around here, and very pretty.
We saw this little fella in the ranger station this morning.  If you press the button it plays "Dixie"!!!!  The folks who work here are all very nice, and friendly.
Today we walked over into the "30 amp" side of the park.  We have never even been inside the family center and pool area.  This cabana is in the pool and spa enclosure.  There were people in the pool, and since I didn't want to invade their privacy, this is the only pix I took while we were there. 

 This motorhome is called the Winabago View.  It is a cute little compact RV.  If we ever have to downsize, this is what we might if I had to be able to drive it myself.
 I got a kick out of what is written on this 5th wheel.  On the left side pix it says "living the dream", and above that, in the pix on the right it says "FBI Full Blooded Indian".  I love how RVers express their individuality!

 I have NO idea what the letters on the back of this one mean, but it's NOT every day that we see a purple RV so I had to take this pix today.
Many drivers do NOT respect RV drivers on the road.  They often cut in too close and do other things that are dangerous.  This Toy Hauler 5th wheel wants to let people know just how dangerous it can be to drive in the area that might be in the driver's blind spot.
As I said earlier, not every RVer is loaded with money, and some camp very economically.  Here is a pop-up tent trailer and a separate tent.  I think we are much too old to ever sleep on the ground in a tent again! 

I think this is just too small for
us.  I took the pix on the right to show just how empty the park is 
right now.  In another month, it will be full again for the winter......many snow birds come here.
This is the same tiny "woody" we have posted pictures of.  We usually see it in Wilderness Lakes.  I posted this pix because it showed their "pet" flamingo in front of the trailer.  They also have a live addition that we had not seen before.  There is a young duck in the fenced pen in the picture on the right.  There is also a shaded cage for the duck to go inside to get away from the heat and sunshine.

Since it has cooled off some, we saw a few bicycle riders out today enjoying a ride around the park.  We may get some rain later this week, so one takes advantage of nice days to get outside.
Last but not least is our home with the awning out.  The day we arrived, we backed it in too far, and because of the palm tree, we couldn't put the awning out.  A few days later we packed up, moved the slides in and moved forward three feet so we could have some shade from the incredible sun.  We still get the morning sun, but we can sit outside in the late afternoon and enjoy the evenings outside.  

God has blessed us in so many ways.  My brother Tony had planned to sail with some friends, on their boat, down to Mexico this week.  He was very anxious about some of the conditions and therefore I was worried sick about him going.  Can you imagine my relief Friday night when he texted me that he got cold feet about it.?  He had them bring him back to San Diego, and he was back home in Oceanside on his boat.  I always believe you should trust you feelings when you have doubts about what you are going to do.  Maybe the anxiety he felt was because God was telling him not to go.  This is just one of many ways our Heavenly Father communicates with us, and we need to LISTEN when He does.  Trust God to always guide you.  Faith will never take you where the Holy Father would not want you to go.  Thank God Tony listened and came back safely.  
Have a wonderful week ahead, and enjoy the cooling weather, and the beautiful sights and smells of autumn. 

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