Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday, at Silent Valley

Hi dear friends and family,

I hope all is well for all of you.  I thought I would try to bring you up to date on a few things, including stuff I meant to include before, and share about a book I read this week.

First a picture of the Best Buy Geek agent, Antoun, who took care of us last week.
Not to be unkind, but have you ever seen anybody MORE geek-y looking?  He was kind and patient and reassuring to me when I was overwhelmed and terrified.  I am so grateful for his help.  Tony was right in telling me I needed professional help getting my computer de-bugged and safe to use again.  We were down the hill last Friday and stopped in to say hi and tell him how good it is to feel safe when I go online now.  We give the Geek Squad at Best Buy TWO thumbs up!

Since our dining room has transitioned to an owl decor, I just had to replace the plain silver wall clock with one that compliments the curtains, cookie jar and the place mats.
Most of you know that blue is our favorite color too.  On the left side is the daddy owl (Jim) and next to him a little boy owl (Willie).  On the right side is the mommy owl (me) and next is the baby girl owl (Millie).  I just love it!!!!  Jim isn't as thrilled as I was, but he lets me do what I want to with the decor.  The silver colored wall clock is in our bedroom.

Now each room has it's own decor:  sea shells in the kitchen and our bedroom, lighthouses in the living room and the bathroom, and owls in the dining room.  As long as I don't mess with Jim's easy chair and the TV, he is happy.

A week ago Saturday we met my sister Donna and her husband George down in Banning for lunch.  She brought me a book she thought I would enjoy reading.  It is called "Heaven is for Real" by a Nebraska pastor named Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent.  It is less than 140 pages long, but is an amazing book.  It is about a very young boy, Todd's son Colton, who got a chance to really see heaven.  He sat on the lap of our Lord Jesus, and saw God the Father, the Holy Spirit, John the Baptist, the angel Gabriel and the devil too.  He describes things that such a young boy would not have known about if his story was not true.  It is an incredible account that I found very compelling to read.  I heartily recommend this book to anyone who doubts the truth of the Bible, and to anyone who knows that the Bible is totally true and would like to know more about heaven.  I learned a lot from this book, and will share one small item.  Many learned Christians have told me the our pets do NOT go to heaven because animals don't have a soul.  I was very upset about this because I just knew the Jesus loved the little children and the animals too.  When asked about who else he saw in heaven, Colton told of seeing family members that died before he had been born, and said that there were many animals, horses, dogs, and a lion.  He said we will be reunited with our loved ones, and I am happy to know that our departed pets will be among the loved ones we will see again.  

Jim is scheduled for his next surgery on December 15th at the Loma Linda VA hospital in Loma Linda.  We won't know what time until the day before.  Tony will again come stay in our RV at Wilderness Lakes to look after the furry kids.  However, Joan will be off skiing with her group of older friends.  They call themselves the "Over the Hill Gang".  If I remember correctly, they range from their 60's to over 100 years old.  Is that amazing or what????  I really admire people who keep that active and enjoy life with such zest!  I will miss her at the hospital that day, but I wish her a wonderful week on the slopes, and I thank her again, for being with me for his surgery in September.  We should all be inspired by Joan and her friends who are living their dreams every day.  

Now I must ask for prayers for all the people who have lost their homes and some who have lost loved ones to these terrible, devastating fires in northern California.  Back in 2011 we spent time in that beautiful area.  We visited the Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, a petrified tree and a geyser in the area.  Later we drove farther north and saw the amazing giant redwoods, and even drove our car through one!  It is a wonderful and beautiful part of this state.  We are deeply saddened to learn that so much of God's beauty has been taken from us by fires.   I pray these people will seek comfort and strength from God as they begin the arduous task of rebuilding and moving forward again.  Life can be challenging, but God never gives us more than we can handle, especially if we remember to ask Him for help.  

Someone recently wrote to me that this life will not be too long.  I'm sorry I didn't save the comment.  I went back to my email to see if I had, but it was gone.  I'm not sure just what he means by too long.  Even on dark days, like when Millie was sick, I feel blessed.  I truly hope she will be part of our family for a nice, long time.  However, if we lose her, we will still feel blessed for all the time we have with her, also with Willie.  I have grieved profoundly for each pet that has left us, but I am grateful for each of them that God has sent into our lives.  A friend of mine once said years ago that she would never have a pet because they ruin your lives.  I told her that until she has loved a pet, and been comforted by one when she is sad, she will never understand how totally WRONG she is.  A few years ago she got a puppy, and now she won't go anywhere without her beloved pet.  Life cannot be too long for us.  We wake up looking forward to what God has in store for us today.  As a song once said, "I never promised you a rose garden" but most days are better than I could have asked for.  I'm in no hurry to leave this life, even though I KNOW the one ahead is even better.  I want to experience all that God has for me here, before I begin that new life.  

Have a grand day and a glorious week ahead, and thank God for all he has given you.


  1. I feel the same way! Thank you so much for your inspiring blog!! Praying for Jim and his upcoming surgery...Love ya! Janice

    1. Thank you for your supportive comment. And thanks for the prayers. Love you too! :o)