Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy January 1st to one and all,

I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to writing on our blog, but this IS a busy time of year, with shopping, sending cards, decorating and cooking.  I love all of it, but it does keep us busy. 

For weeks now, my computer has been doing something strange.  If I didn't know better, I would think it is possessed by poltergeists.  While I am typing along, suddenly the curser will jump to another part of the text, and continue in that place.  When I see that what I just typed is not where it should be, I have to find it and move it to where it should have been or delete it from where it is, and re-write it.  Also, sometimes I finish a sentence......or a paragraph, and as I am looking at just disappears!  It's not even that I hit the wrong key because it can happen when my hands are not even near the key board.  If anyone knows why my computer is doing this, HELP......please.  I haven't had a chance to go see my computer Geek at Best Buy to ask for his help, but I am really getting tired of having to re-type my emails all the time.  It even happens when I am entering my password to open certain accounts.  Yikes!  

And now for the news and views.  Many people put up some really nice Christmas decorations here in the park.  Even though Christmas is over, I wanted to include some pictures we took.
This was across the street from us.  I was surprised when they took everything down on the day after Christmas.

I had not expected so see a Christmas minion, but here he is.
And what a cute penguin someone set out.  Here are a few more decorations we saw around the park.  

These last two pictures were at one of the leased sites of a lady who lives here.  

On the 23rd our dear friend Mary came over with her son Michael.  We had gotten them both holiday cocoa mugs, so we served hot cocoa with marshmallows and a yummy chocolate cake. Normally I would have baked it myself, but while shopping I found this one.

It was quite delicious, and saved me some time too.  I gave Mary a copy of the book Gail Alexander wrote " Keep your Small Space from Bulging at the Seams".  She is really enjoying learning how to purge and save space in her small trailer.  She used to live in a van camper, but now she has a 19 foot trailer.  She feels like she has a lot more space, but she also knows that it's important not to overload her space and carry too much weight.  The tips in Gail's book are excellent, and can be used in any small space, not just an RV.

 The Christmas eve service here is usually a candle light service at 6 pm.  Since December 24th fell on Sunday, the pastor decided to only hold the service in the morning.  I was sorry there was no candle light service, but the morning service was delightful, with wonderful Christmas hymns and an inspirational message.  Sunday night Jim and I went over to Mary's trailer for dessert with her and Michael.  She served apple pie and ice cream.  Is it any wonder we all need to go on diets after the holiday season?  

Christmas morning was warm and pleasant.  After taking the dogs out we had coffee and doughnuts.  The dogs enjoyed the toys and treats in their Christmas stockings, and Millie got a new sweater. 
She looks so cute in it.  Here are the two dogs playing with their new toys.
We invited our friends Greg and Diane over for Christmas dinner.  I think it turned out very well.  I did a boneless pork roast with peach glaze and roasted potatoes in my Ninja cooker.  We also served winter squash, peas and carrots, Mandarine oranges, dinner rolls and for dessert I baked an orange supreme cake.  

On Tuesday Donna and George came over for lunch.  I made a delicious split pea soup with ham and carrots, and potatoes and celery.  It was a very pleasant day for all.  

Wednesday was a quiet day, but Thursday Jim had an early appointment for lab work, and then we did some shopping at Penneys.  On Friday I persuaded Jim to get a much needed hair cut.  He looks like a new man!  She did cut it too short on top, but this too shall pass.  LOL.

 Speaking of new men, we heard a commotion outside yesterday and here  is what we saw.  I have no idea who was in each of these costumes,  but I had to take pictures of them, and include them today.  

I guess we really are OLD fogies because we stayed home last night.  We invited Mary over for New Year's eve snacks and.........welcomed the New Year with a glass of champagne at TEN pm.  

Many people make New Year's resolutions about being a better person, like losing weight, or exercising more, or learning something new.  All of these are admirable, but we often fail within weeks or less.  I would like to suggest we follow the advice I read this morning in the Dear Abby column.  She wrote that we should try to make our resolutions "just for today" such as "just for today I will be happy.  I will not dwell on thoughts that depress me.  If my mind fills with clouds, I will chase them away and fill it with sunshine."  Pastor Bob said his resolution this year would be to have more fun and to eat more.  He said that is how he learned to make resolutions he would be able to keep!!!  I think we should be realistic about our goals and resolutions because failure to achieve goals can be depressing.  But that doesn't mean we have to set the bar too low either.  I suggest we resolve, just for today, to be kinder to the people we meet.  Just for today, we can resolve to forgive someone.  Just for today, I resolve to try to understand what someone ELSE is struggling with, and if possible, lend a hand.  Also, maybe we should resolve to try a little harder today to forgive ourselves for the things we have done that hurt others.  Just maybe if we forgive ourselves, we can find a way to be friends again with those we have hurt.  We hope you will have a Happy and Healthy New Year and that you enjoy all the blessings God has in store for you.

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