Saturday, January 13, 2018

So Much to Do and See

This will be short since I wrote yesterday using Jim's computer.  If you could not find that blog post, please try using the search at: Happy to be Here

As you will see, I was able to download a few pictures on it.   We came to Quartzsite earlier than usual because we want to use this as a home base to visit other area points of interest.  On Tuesday we are planning to go south on 95 to Yuma.  We were there once over 20 years ago for my job, but never got to see anything else.  We want to see the Yuma Territorial Prison, a local museum, and a place called The Peanut Patch.  I understand they no longer grow peanuts there, but they make all kinds of peanut and chocolate snacks and candy, and they offer a tour and some history about the growing of it should still be interesting.  

We also want to go see the London Bridge in Lake Havasu.  We have not been there since 2008.  I also think there is a place within driving distance (for a day trip) where you can view ancient artifacts and petrogliphs too, but I will have to do some research on that.

Some of my family, and a few friends too, have written saying they are dealing with some challenging health issues.  They asked for prayers to be offered for them.  They said they did not want me to go into any details about the specific health issues, so I will not.  Maybe I can ask you to pray for all who are sick or having health concerns at this time.  Sorry I can't be more specific, but I feel I must respect their wishes for privacy.  

As I said yesterday, Jim and I are very grateful to be in good health.  My busted baby toe is healing well and was not displaced at all, so all is good.  We feel very blessed to be as healthy as we are for our ages.  We are so glad that Jim is receiving his care through the VA system.  We hear about people who have difficulty with using the VA health care system, but we have nothing but praise for the wonderful care he has received from knowledgable, compassionate people.   We have NO complaints at all.  
I'd also like to say that we are grateful for our family and friends and for all the kind and helpful people we meet in our travels.  The people we meet in RV parks, at Rallies, and at Elks lodges have always been kind, cheerful and interesting individuals.  If we have needed help, advice, or directions, they were always generous and helpful.  We have even had total strangers offer to loan us a car while we got ours serviced!!!  You hear stories every day about bad people doing unthinkably awful things, but I want to remember the good people who are around us and are seldom spoken of.  Life is good, and most people are too!  Have a great day.


  1. Sounds like you are having a fun day in Yuma. Good idea to use Quartzsite as you home base. We've seen the London Bridge in Havasu, but I also saw it when it was still in London! We will and do pray for all the sick. Yes, being in good health is a great blessing, appreciated even more so as we age! All well here, thank God. Life is good.

    1. Plans got altered and we have not yet gone to Yuma. Escapees party is today. Mary arrives today. Ray and Carol will arrive on Monday and Diane & Jim are coming on Monday or Tuesday. Busy, busy, busy! But we do love coming here.

  2. It sounds like you are having wonderful fun and friend filled times. There seems to be so many things to see & do. It's good to remember to be thankful for the Blessings we are so fortunate to have.