Friday, February 16, 2018

An Extra Post Today

Today I would like to share something that someone else wrote.   Our very special friend, retired Pastor Ric Miller is a member of the Sierra County Missionary Alliance.  He writes a weekly column for their newspaper.  I am fortunate to be included in his mailing list and last week he wrote one that really spoke to me.  I asked his permission to share it with all of you.  Often I have shared a portion of things others have sent to me, but this I will share in its entirety.  Here it comes:

 Rix Relationship Ramblings
February 12, 2018
Why do it? There are times I need to say, “Why do it?” I wake up in the morning, wanting to not do it, never sure what it is I am not doing. The bed is more comfortable than the morning stress. The bed is warmer than the morning chill. Why do it? My body aches and I rise to face the day. You see, at my age, Why do it is a serious question that needs to be answered.
I remember Pastor friends of mine that I wondered why they did it. They had the right after so many years of ministry to call it all an end. I would ask them Why do it? Their answers are often different but more times than not they are the same. They are doing “it” because they were called to a different life than most. They were called to ministry. Ministry does not have a completion date. It is open ended.
I get out of bed and read the list of things that need to be done. The day progresses and I discover, “Why do it?” People come to me with needs and hurts. Why do it? The answer is Jesus trusted me with the needs of others. Jesus enabled me to help and gave me the skills to meet others needs. Fellow pastors call me and ask if I can do “it” for someone that needs help.
Why do it? Because God called me to do it. Why do it? Because God enables me. I guess the next question, “So what does that mean to me?” I can allow others to do “it”.  However, if you are a child of God, there are no others. God has called YOU. Who else is there at the moment of need. Who else has God trusted to do “it” besides you? Please understand I do not know what that need is, but you do. God placed you there at that moment and is more than capable of empowering you to fulfill His need.
I am talking about a unique calling that God has placed upon you, however, what if God had said to you in your deepest need, Why do it? If God had taken a day off when your need was so great, you would be in great pain. If Jesus said, “Why do it?” when the father called Him to die upon the Cross, where would you be?
God has called you to a special ministry that no other can do, that is why “why do it? Thanks for your time. Ric Miller

I cannot add anything to what Pastor Ric said.  I just hope the writing above will inspire you as much as it did for me.  I could not think of anything scarier than the idea 'if Jesus said, "Why do it?" when the father called Him to die upon the Cross, where would you be?'  If Jesus was willing to die for all of us, how can we not be willing to do what He has called us to do? 

I have often asked you to begin your day with an attitude of gratitude and to be kinder than you need to be to your fellow life travelers.  Now I am also going to ask you to look for" that special ministry that no other can do," and try your best to do what is needed of you. 
Good bye for today, and we wish you many blessed days ahead.


  1. Thank for sharing this inspiring message from Pastor Ric!

  2. You are very welcome. Have a blessed day.