Saturday, February 24, 2018

So Happy to Be Here in Arey

Before we left Benson, AZ we took a drive  to Willcox.  We had planned to visit the Cochise Stronghold, but that turned out not to be possible.  We called and were told there was a bad fire just to the west of it and we should not try to come there.  We waited two more days and drove out that way.......but the road to the Stronghold was blocked and there were signs that it will be closed until further notice.  Instead we went to see the Rex Allen Cowboy Museum in Willcox.  It was such a fun outing!
Here is the museum and across the street is a statue of Rex Allen in his park. 
It was an overcast day but not too cold to enjoy being outside.
Rex Allen was born and raised in Willcox, and worked as a cowboy here when he was young.  Later he was a rodeo cowboy, but he found out just how hard that was.  He became a singer and later got into movies, along with his beloved horse Koko.
This guitar case had his likeness carved on it.  On the right are some cowboy outfits he wore on stage and in movies.

I had to get one of Jim next to a life size picture of Rex Allen!
This was a much later picture of him with his aunt.  He was always very close to her.  The docent told us that he used to come into the museum and chat with visitors, and on more than a few occasions he would sing a favorite song for them.
After we left the museum, we went to a place called The Dining Car for lunch.  They also have some Rex Allen memorabilia on display there.

I think this plaque refers to when this railroad car was used as a railroad car. 
One could sit outside to eat, but it was a little too chilly for that.
I don't know the origin of these hammered tin pieces on the walls, but I thought they were quite beautiful, so I had to include a picture of one.  The food was good, and the prices were not bad!
I think this was the old train station in town.  It's across the street from The Dining Car.  After lunch we had to head back to Benson, and our dogs.  We started packing up to travel to Lordsburg the next day for a one-night stopover. 
Before leaving Benson, Jim bought me these lovely roses.  He's such a sweetie!  They lasted a full week!  We went to Lordsburg because we found a restaurant there that we like.  It's called Kranberry's Chatterbox.  We had a nice dinner and came back to the RV.  On Thursday we arrived at the Arrey RV Park before noon and got all set up.  I had many packages that I had ordered from that had arrived before we got here, so we spent all afternoon going through our mail and packages.  On Friday we met Ric and Mary (his cougar) for lunch at the AB Drive-in.  He wanted to go someplace for Mexican food, but I just had to get one of my faves......the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich at AB Drive-in is the best I've had anywhere!  Mary is a total delight and she can handle all of Ric's craziness!  Sadly she had taken a fall and hurt herself on Thursday, so she was on crutches and after a couple hours, she had to get back home to elevate her leg.

Our friend Mary Iron Elk arrived this week on Wednesday and is set up next to us.  On Friday we drove her to TorC to get a dental cap re-inserted at the Ben Archer Healthcare clinic.  Once she could eat......................we went to lunch at AB Drive-in.  Now she also knows where to get a great Philly Cheese Steak sandwich too.

I can't close without including pictures of our newest owls.  In Benson Jim got me one that I named Freaky Frieda because of all her many colors.
The one on the right is Hootie.  He is motion activated and his eyes light up AND he hoots.
here he is lighted up after dark.  Jim does turn him off before bed time so the other people here won't complain about his noise.
That's about all the news for now.  My older sister Donna is still in the hospital recovering slowly from her broken hip.  I have talked to her, and her husband George a couple times.  Her spirits were low for a while, but she seems to be getting stronger now.  Thanks again to all who are praying for her and for George too.  As far as we are concerned, there is nothing more powerful than prayer.  All too often people think of prayer as their "last resort" but it should be your first choice in a crisis.  God wants to help you, if you will just ask Him to.  Please remember He is always there for you, he's as close as anyone could when you have any kind of crisis, remember how very fast he will respond to "knee mail".  Have a grand, blessed weekend, and we will be writing again soon.


  1. Glad you're having such a fine time!
    Happy to hear the good news about our sister. I hope to get out to visit her in the coming week. Say, can you overnight mail me one of those Philly cheese steak sandwiches ???

    1. I could TRY to but wouldn't it be too cold and soggy to enjoy by then?

  2. We are so happy you are back with all of us here at a RV park and I hope you are getting ready for our yard sale on Saturday March 3rd

    1. I was preparing for a possible Yard Sale even before you said you would hold one!!!! I am committed to the idea of purging stuff we don't use at least every six months!!!

  3. Just wondering as I'm new to your blog, is the pic of "Mary" the Mary who lived in a tent/car..with her children ?