Friday, March 16, 2018

March has Been Windy and Chilly

We are still enjoying our stay here in Arrey, NM, but the nights are still quite chilly.  Since we get our DirecTV from California, we know it has been colder than usual there too.  Makes you wonder about this Global Warming........

We did well on the Yard Sale here on March 3rd, and are still getting orders for more magnetic jewelry and some requests for Jim's amazing home made breads.  Janice is planning to have sales twice a month on her property next door.  We might give it a try.  I used to make some wonderful jellies that I could sell along with Jim's breads and my magnetic jewelry, and maybe I could bake some quick breads, like banana nut bread or cinnamon raisin bread.  We shall see how it goes.

On Wednesday Ric and Mary picked us up (with the two dogs) to go to Pie Town.  The reason for going on that day was because the date was 3/14, and of course everyone knows that the numerical value of Pi is 3.14, so March 14th has to be Pie Day!  The dogs behaved so well Mary said she kept forgetting they were with can't say that about Ric.  He was in his usual humorous form and kept us laughing most of the day.  He could have simply driven north on NM 25 to Socorro and then west on 60 to Pie Town, but Ric did that last year, so we had to go by a different route this time.  He drove west on 107.  OMG, before long we were on a bumpy dirt road.  But on 60 we would not have seen these free range cows that came right out onto the road!
Can you believe this?   We had to wait for them to cross before we could proceed.  Later I got this shot  of some antelopes on the hillside next to the road.  It's simply amazing the sights you can see if you just slow down and look around you. 

Eventually we did get back onto 60 in the town of Magdalena.  From there on we had a nice smooth road to ride on.  Farther down the road we approached the VLA area.  In case you don't remember from my blog last year, that stands for Very Large Array......with a second a, not an e as in our town.  We could say we live in a very small Arrey.  LOL.  Anyway, the VLA are giant listening devices set up to listen for sounds from outer space. This is just one of many of these devices.  I would imagine that these must have cost many millions of dollars, and maybe even more to continue to monitor for sounds.  You can get an idea of how large these are by the comparison to the truck in front of it.  My point is, our government denies the existence of aliens, but I have to wonder why they would spend all this money unless they KNOW that there are aliens out there somewhere.  Years ago we took a short trip to Roswell.  In a museum there we saw pictures of the aliens that came to earth in area 51.  Someone asked me if the aliens were so smart, why did they crash to earth?  My answer was that maybe they didn't crash; maybe our military shot them down.  Just something to think about.  Here's another little thing to think about:  among the people born in 1947 were Demi Moore, and Hillary and Bill Clinton.......some people have speculated that some of them might have an alien parent.  The government kept everything about area 51 all hushed up and secret.  Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Before going to Pie Town we stopped for lunch in Datil.  The Eagle Ranch Cafe is an unusual  little place.  They have bumper stickers, license plates and other unique stuff on the walls.  If I figure out how to send pictures from my new phone to my computer, I will include pictures of this place on my next blog.  Anyway, we finally did get to Pie Town, and were surprised to see how many others had shown up for Pi Day.  The place we went to last year was packed, so we went to another pie place.  It was crowded, but we were able to get in.  At the other place they sold slices (last year the price was $5.79 per slice) and whole pies (I can't remember that price).  The place we went to this time sold mini pies for $10.95.  You selected the flavor you wanted, and then they heated and served you half of your pie, with the rest boxed up to take with you.  Jim got an apple pie and I got caramel apple.  Really yummy.  Here's another interesting thing about where we went this time.  There was a sign by the door which said:
"GUNS ARE WELCOME ON THE PREMISES.  PLEASE KEEP ALL WEAPONS HOLSTERED UNLESS NEED ARISES, IN SUCH CASE, JUDICIOUS MARKSMANSHIP IS APPRECIATED."  And some of the people we saw were carrying holstered hand guns!  It made me proud, and I felt safer for the presence of an armed citizenry.

Anyway we drove over to see a place called Dream Catcher's Gift Shoppe. 
Mary and Ric and Jim went inside.  I decided to stay with the dogs so I didn't get to hold the young Nubian goats that the owners had out front.  There were two of them and they were so small that the were in what I would call a  medium size dog carrier.  So cute that Mary wanted to take one home with her, but she didn't.  Jim bought me some hand made owls to add to our decor.  Tiny and cute.  He also gave one to Mary and she named him Hootie Hoot.  She is like me and likes to name her stuff.  She told me that she has a cat at her house named "Cat" so when she got a second cat she named him "Other Cat".  I just absolutely love her sense of humor!!!!!  She is a wonderful person and just perfect for Ric!  In a good way, she's as crazy as he is. 

On the way home we passed a place called The Owl Bar & Cafe. that Jim and I still want to visit.  We were going to go there last year after we visited the Trinity Site, but it was too crowded with others who had the same idea.  So we still have not gotten there yet....but we will.  Maybe our friend Mary Iron Elk will want to go there with us before she leaves at the end of the month.  OR maybe WE will take Ric and his Mary there later.

In my last blog I share Pastor Dudley's sermon about putting Jesus first in your lives instead of putting your ego first.  He spoke of people who may be afraid to give their lives to Jesus because they might fear what could be asked of them.  I just want to say that for many years of my life I was in that group.  I definitely believed in God, (so does Satan I hear) but I didn't think I needed to make any personal commitment to Him or to ask Jesus to be my personal Lord and Savior.  I thought a belief in God was enough of a commitment.  I WAS VERY, VERY WRONG.  I thought accepting Him into my life would make my life much harder on me.  AGAIN, I WAS VERY, VERY WRONG.  After my mom died, we found Pastor Paul to do a memorial service for her.  We were impressed with him, and his marvelous wife Aiko when we went to their church.  It is called New Hope Community Church, and New Hope is what we found there.  In a short time I realized that I not only wanted to, but NEEDED to ask Jesus to be MY Lord and Savior.  What is truly amazing is that once I KNEW He was my personal Lord and Savior, I realized I had nothing to fear!  He is watching over me every day.  Nobody else can do that for me.  If you haven't read it, read the 23rd Psalm.  It will give you strength and comfort.  We ourselves are all flawed, imperfect, and on our own we ARE doomed.  There is no way on this earth that we can protect ourselves from our own weaknesses.  Jesus knows us, and He loves us anyway.  Easter is coming soon.  Let this Holy season remind you that HE died for your sins and for mine.  HE alone paid the ultimate price to save us.  No one else can do that.  And all He asks in return is your love and faithfulness.  Some days I wonder how I ever found the courage (or foolishness) to get out of bed in the morning back before I knew Jesus was watching over me.  Now I know I don't want to even imagine one single day without the love and protection my Savior provides for me.  Don't ever be afraid to accept Him; be afraid only if you do NOT accept Him.  Have a blessed day, God loves you.


  1. I'm glad Ric took you the back way so you could see the wonderful wildlife. Gee, a town devoted to pie, sounds like a diabetic paradise.
    Good luck with your sales endeavors

    1. Yes, and they have every kind of pie imaginable EXCEPT Boston Cream Pie. Our outings with Ric are always an adventure! We tease him, but he's a great guy.