Sunday, July 8, 2018

Still at Wilderness Lakes

We extended our stay here by five days to accommodate Jim's doctor's appointment at the Murrieta VA facility.  However, we had to again alter our plans for me to begin physical therapy for my vertigo.  Apparently, not all therapists are trained to deal with vertigo, and the one who is, didn't have an opening until July 9th.  We have to leave this park on July 11th, so we made a reservation for one week over in Hemet, and then we can come back for three more weeks here at Wilderness Lakes.  I am hoping that the therapy will be completed by then, or that she can teach Jim what to do, so we can finally go up to Silent Valley for 28 days.  We have friends up there that we are looking forward to seeing.  We have not seen them since they came out to Quartzsite, AZ for a week in January.  
I really thought my vertigo was getting better, and I almost thought I didn't need the physical therapy after all.  But I guess God felt I needed to be reminded of how much I do need to see the therapist.  Last night I experienced a pretty bad episode and today another one occurred that was at least twice as bad as last night.  I am only mildly dizzy if I sit still and don't turn my head side to side or look up or down!!!  
 I finally found Millie's sunglasses.  She had hidden them in the back of my closet!  She didn't appreciate wearing them, but we don't want her to develop cataracts.  When I put them on her, she acts like she can't see OR hear.  LOL.  We saw this owl hanging off the awning of a neighboring motorhome here in the park.  Two days ago a man stopped by while we were outside to admire our owls.  He said his wife loves them too, and has over 100 in her home and RV!!! 

A brief note here.  Camping World ordered the motor we needed to operate our outside steps.  Jim & Greg installed the motor and the steps still won't move!  After doing everything he could think of, without any success, Jim agreed to let me call someone out to try to fix them.  Monday we have Brad Miller Jr. coming out to see if he can fix them.  Keep your fingers crossed please.

We have not spent any more time outside than we had to as it has been excessively hot here in southern California.  According to the news, we hear that many cities have broken records, some that have held for almost 100 years!  Several areas have experienced power outages, some lasting over 24 hours.  At this point I wish to remind everyone to be very careful in such heat.  

First: be sure to drink an adequate amount of water to avoid dehydration.  Likewise, make sure your animals have plenty of fresh, cool water to drink.  

Second:  please check on older people who might need help at times like this.  Make sure they have water and keep cool.  Since using air conditioning can be expensive, use curtains, or shades whenever possible to keep the hot sunlight out of your home.  We also purchased coolers, called Arctic Air which are not as expensive to run, and do a pretty good job of keeping a small area cooler.  They have a small tank for water, and act as an evaporative cooler, for less money than using the air conditioner.  

Third:  PLEASE do not leave pets, children or older people in a closed up car.............not even for a few minutes!  It is horrifying how fast a closed car can reach lethal temperatures inside.  Please just do NOT take that risk, ever.  

Fourth:  I would like to suggest that if you need to cook or bake, do so as early in the day as possible.  Also, do NOT leave perishable foods out at room temperature after a meal.  Foods can go bad so quickly in this kind of heat.  This is a great time to try more fresh fruits and vegetables, many of which can be eaten raw or gently steamed.  It's very healthy AND won't heat up your home as much.

Fifth:  Do not stay out in the sun anymore than you have to.  Use a sunshade on your car window to help keep it cooler, and stay inside where it is cooler, whenever possible.  If you wish to save on the cost of cooling, go spend some time in your local library.  You can stay cool AND read a good book!  And while you are at it, you could take an older person with you.  Many older people don't get out very often and would really appreciate being invited to go places such as a library, or the grocery store when you are going. 

Sixth:  Please remember that in this heat, and low relative humidity, the fire danger is extremely high.  We saw on the news that over 60 separate areas in the western states are experiencing wild fires.  Many are burning out of control, and many homes and lives are at risk.  I just want to remind everyone to be vigilant and not do anything that might cause a fire.  If you are a smoker (I will pray that you might find the strength to quit) but if you are, do NOT ever throw ashes or cigarettes out of your car window.  Home owners are advised to clear all brush away from around their homes.  If you are in an area of fire danger, you might want to make up a "go bag" of what you would need to grab in a hurry if you had to evacuate from your home.  Include important papers, medications, some clothes, water to drink, and anything you could not bear to lose.  My advice is to be ready to go if the need arises, and then when they tell you to leave......GO.  I know you don't want to lose your home or your "stuff" but staying could put your LIFE in danger, and you might be putting others in increased danger if they have to come back later to try to rescue you!  You should also make sure you don't park cars where they might block the roads that fire trucks need to use to get to fire areas.  If they can't get to a fire, they can't fight the fire.

Seventh:  PLEASE do not abandon your beloved pets in a time like that.  If you are afraid, imagine how terrified they must also be.  Find a shelter that accepts pets, better yet, find out where you can go that allows pets, BEFORE you must rush out of your home.  Even if I had to stay with my pets in my car, I would never leave an animal behind in a fire!!!

As we  learned at Bible study with Pastor Bob Neral, we are supposed to be trying to become mature Christians, and that means asking ourselves "What would Jesus do?" In times like this, it might be easy to stay inside our air conditioned homes and not think about others less fortunate than we are.  I'm pretty sure that is NOT what Jesus would do.  If you can afford to, take food and bottled water and clothes to the places where the evacuees of the fires have gone.  Many of these evacuees left with little more than the clothes on their backs, so whatever you can offer, will be appreciated.  Since we live in a small space (our 35 foot motorhome) we have a rule that for every new thing that comes INTO our home, at LEAST one thing must go out.  Unless we are simply replacing something that broke or wore out, that means we make donations regularly to charitable organizations.  One of our favorites is the Salvation Army.  We also believe in donations to homeless shelters and animal shelters whenever possible.  If you have extra blankets, homeless and animal shelters will be glad to receive them, year round.  I would imagine these shelters could also use electric fans to help keep their rooms cooler too.  Animal shelters always need food for cats or dogs and cat litter is another item that can be donated.  Open your heart and offer your hands to others.  It will enrich your life, and remind you of what Jesus would want you to do.  

Just one more point that I would like to make.  It's so easy to look around and see others who have much more than we will ever have.  Please remember that it doesn't matter.  God will give you what you need.  Instead of focusing on who has more than you do, please remember those who have so much LESS than you do.  It will help you to recognize what is important, and to let go of feelings of envy, which can only hurt you.  God knows what you need and He will provide it.  The rest is unimportant.

Have a wonderful day and a blessed week ahead.  Jesus loves you, isn't that wonderful to know?

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