Sunday, September 2, 2018

Good News

We are still up at Silent Valley and having a grand time.  Somehow I just lost everything I had written, so I will try again.  

I'm sure you know that I have been through a nightmare-ish time with vertigo for two and a half months.  The wonderful people at the Hill Top church here at the park prayed for me to have this vertigo taken away, and God healed me.  I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to KNOW that God healed me.  He loves me, and also each of you.  He wants to take care of us if we just ask Him to.  I always tell you to pray daily, and really talk to God.  We all need to have a real relationship with our Heavenly Father.  There is only one God, and He is an all-knowing, merciful God.  Please take time each day to ask Him to show you the way, and He will because He loves you.
We have been able to spend a lot of time with our dear friends Diane and Jim Hubert.  Again, I must praise God for the chance meeting that lead to this wonderful friendship. Her Jim works in the adult snack bar five days a week, but on his days off we get to do things together.  One week we went to see a movie called Crazy Rich Asians.  It was a good movie, but my Jim called it a "chick flick".  When her Jim is working, Diane often comes here and we have fun playing games and talking.  I will really miss her while we are away from here, but I will talk about that later.
 The first night that Natalie said I could sleep back in my own bed, instead of sitting upright on the couch, Diane sent me this cute picture.  I loved it.

These are some owls Diane got for me.  On the left is a purple glitter owl with eyes that light up. The copper colored ones are about as pretty as any owls could be.  The gray one in the center she gave me for my birthday.  It is beautiful and regal looking.   

 This glitter covered owl is about 12 to 15 inches tall and has the most adorable eyes.  He is another owl that Diane gave me.  I can't believe how cute he is! 

While we have been here, we have made some small improvements on the motorhome.  The first one was under the kitchen sink.  The storage space was limited, and we had things stacked on top of other things.  It may not seem like a big deal, except we always needed something in the back and had to take everything else out to get to the item we needed.  
The cabinet had a raised floor that we decided to remove.  There was a perfectly good tile floor below which gave us an additional six inches of height for storage.  We purchased a chrome shelf with a basket on the bottom to keep things from falling over.  We added an open front storage bin on top of the shelf to hold smaller items.  It has worked out very well.

Our next project was in the bedroom.  There was a vanity with a bench across from the foot of the bed.  We NEVER used it as a vanity.  We tried to store things under and on top of the bench.  It was really a poor usage of the space, but we kept doing it.  Last week I gave the bench to Diane and purchased a shelving unit that was sold as a shoe rack.  We got four covered storage boxes to be on the shelves.  Now Jim has a place for his shoes AND some space for several of his tee shirts that were overflowing from his drawers.  
YAY!!!  It also sits back three inches farther than the bench did so we have a little more room to walk past the foot of the bed.  All good.

Last, but not least was the storage ottoman for the living room.  Whenever we have a guest stay over night we have to open out the couch to make a bed.  However, it's not long enough for a person to be comfortable.  We bought the ottoman to extend the length, and put an air mattress to lay on top of the couch and ottoman to make a full size bed.  Here's Millie, she has taken over the ottoman as her personal seating space, but I have told her she will have to share it when we have an overnight guest.  LOL.  

We stopped at Ray's RV in Banning when Jim had to pick up a part for the coach.  I couldn't resist taking a picture of these cute campers.
I couldn't live in anything that small, but they are cute!  We even saw a tiny teardrop trailer for sale up here yesterday.  The inside is only a bed, and the back opens up to reveal a tiny kitchen, cute but not practical.  We older folks NEED a bathroom close by, and at night, I do NOT want to have to go outside to find a campground restroom!  

It's time to sign off for today.  I wish everyone a grand day and a wonderful week ahead filled with many blessings.  Life is a gift, but the next life will be heavenly, if you have truly let Jesus into your heart and into your daily life.  Please realize that being a Christian is not just about going to church on Sunday.  It's about the life you live.  If Jesus is the center of your life, He will help you to make better decisions and have a better life.  

When we leave here on Friday we are going to the Garden Grove Elks lodge for three days.  We are looking forward to seeing Joan & Jim, Ron & Sherrie and Cindy as well as going to see our church family including Pastor Paul and his lovely wife Aiko.  Then we will be at Wilderness Lakes for 16 days before coming back here for 30 days.  Bye for now.  Love and prayers to all of you.

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