Thursday, July 23, 2015

My 50th High School Reunion and Horseheads part 2

On July 18th we attended my 50th high school reunion for the Class of 1965 at Horseheads High.  It was so great to see some friends that I had not seen in that many years. 
 The lady on my right in the pink top was a dear friend named Moira Murphy.  It was wonderful seeing her again.

This globe was illuminated from inside and was really beautiful.The reunion took place at a Museum called The Wings of Eagles Discovery Center.

This beautiful lady, Ann Denhoff, was my 8th grade earth scence class.  She had a huge influence on my school life, and it was incredibly great to see her again.  Her husband Jack is sitting next to her.  He was also a teacher, but I don't remember what he taught.

The girl on the left, and to me we are still just girls, is Linda Kurtzenburger.  She was a classmate, friend, and lived in the house next to the one my parents bought in 1965.  She was also the New York State Junior Miss for 1965!
Next to her is Kristen (Kookie) Banfield, who was the NBC spoke person back in the day.  I am embarassed to say I can't remember the name of the girl on the right.  If anybody reading this recognizes her, PLEASE let me know her name.  Thanks. 
When we got home, Millie let me see just how worn out she was from her day.  LOL.

The next day, we cooked baby back ribs for dinner for Jeff and Patty, and had a very nice day together.  Patty hadn't been feeling well, so we were glad she was able to join us.

 On Monday Jim & I drove to Elmira to visit my brother Mike.
Last, but not least, after visiting the Horseheads Historical Museum, we went to visit my dear friend Pearline.  It was wonderful to see her again.  That's all for now.  I'll finish up on my next post.

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