Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vermont & New Hampshire

Hi Folks,  This will be rather short..............I think, as we are now in New Hampshire, and I want to get everyone caught up on our time in Vermont now.  We drove from Oneonta to Vermont on Friday.  It was a fairly short drive, but some of the roads were pretty bad!!!!  We were going to the Elks lodge in Brattleboro, VT.  About 8-10 miles away from there our coolant light came on, and the audible alarm went off.  Yikes!  There was no place we could stop (and we actually thought it was the battery light) so we pressed on and prayed we could get to the lodge without further problems.  When we got settled in, we got out the manual and discovered that was the alarm and light for coolant, so Jim diluted the Dex-cool and added it.  We hoped that would solve the problem.  Jim checked hoses for cracks or leaks, and the belt seemed nice & tight, so we hoped that was all there was to it.  By the way, there had been no signs of steam escaping, but it did smell hot when we got to the lodge. 
Yesterday we did the tourist stuff.  We went to see the Grafton Cheese Store.  It was nice, but very pricey.  We bought some aged cheddar, some garlc cheddar, and some smoked chili cheese.  Yummy!

Then we visited  Harlow's Sugar House.  As you can see below, it was quaint looking inside.  Here we bought some more cheese and maple sugar candies.

This last picture is the Hidden Springs Sugar Farm.  Besides buying some more sweets and stuff, we had lunch on the patio there.  The dogs enjoyed the outing too. 
Then we returned to the Elks, tired and hot.  The weather has been humid, so one gets tired and sticky!  We solved that by going
inside the Elks for a cool drink and good company.  We met a nice guy named Mike who talked about placed he had visited in California. 
Later we walked the dogs, and had dinner, got showers and relaxed until bed time. 
This morning we packed up to travel the 82 miles to get us here to the Epsom Valley Campground in New Hampshire.  Sadly, the coolant light was still on this morning, but no alarm today.  I hope we can figure that out before we leave here on Tuesday.  This campground is along the banks of the Suncook River, so I will try to add some pictures to my next post.  Too tired to walk out there today.  Will close now.  As always, enjoy America and keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up!  Bye for now.   :o)

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