Sunday, July 19, 2015

We're in New York State.....part 1

I didn't realize I had not posted since July 5th, so I will break this into two parts or it would be too long.  Before we left Ohio, our Campground had some serious rain storms with flooding. 
I also want to include a picture of something we had not seen in many years, and some of you might have never seen.When was the last time you saw a rotary dial phone?  We saw this one at the place that repaired the A/C on my car.

We got to the Elks Lodge in Niagara Falls, on July 10th for a two night stay.  It was a very nice lodge, that sits next to the Fashion Outlets Mall.  There was a huge parking lot, and we parked right next to the lodge building. 
This is the Grand Island Bridge going to niagara Falls.

The next morning Jim's brother Norm took a bus from Buffalo to the Seneca/Niagara Falls Casino, where we picked him up.  That was HIS idea to save us the trouble of driving all the way to his house.  There was a great deal of construction on the roads, and we had some confusion about where to meet him, and, in the end, it would have been easier to drive to his house in the first place!  We had a nice day together, and then drove him back to his home in Buffalo. 
This is Jim with his brother outside our RV. 

On July 12th we drove on to the Elks Lodge in Henrietta.  We got set up before anyone arrived at the lodge for the day.  Our daughter-in-law, Jennifer and her boyfriend, Tim arrived with our grandson, Larz and her new baby girl named Willow Elizabeth Kathleen Conrad.  She is a beautiful little girl, and that is a lovely name..............but I just wonder how long it will take her to learn her whole name!  We had a wondeful visit with them.

Here is Jenn with Tim and her kids.

When we went inside the lodge, they were having a birthday party pot luck for a member and generously invited us to join in on the fun!  We had BBQ pork and hot wings and salads and a chocolate cake.  What a nice day!  The next day my dear former sister-in-law Judy came to visit us from Mount Morris with her friend Steve. 

We think he is a wonderful person, and it was a lovely visit........except Jim had him look at our slide room rods, which were bent.  He said it was a really serious problem and suggested we call a place in Bath,

 NY called Wilkens RV to see if we could get it serviced.  We called on Monday and they had an opening for us to bring it in on Wednesday.  It was not cheap, but they did a fantastic job on the repair and we feel confident that the RV is now ready for the rest of our travels.  This place was huge, but they treated us like we were the only people who needed attention.  We got the oil changed and filled the propane tank while we were there.  It took almost four hours, but it was well worth it.  We hooked the car back up for towing and got to my youngest brother Jeff's house by about 5:30 pm.  All in all, a successful trip.  We got the RV parked and set up in his yard, and settled in to relax.  Then I realized I had not picked up  the 6 pack of LED bulbs I had bought that day, so Thursday morning we had to drive BACK to Bath to pick them up.  LOL.  The memory just isn't what it used to be!!!
This is the house I grew up in, on Mathew Circle in Horseheads, NY.
Millie loved it at Jeff;s house.  She really made herself at home!

On Friday morning I began after breakfast by baking a chocolate cola cherry cake for that night's dessert.  Then Jim used his bread maker (on the dough cycle) to make two loaves of Italian oregano bread.  Once he had the dough out of the machine, I set up my Ninja to make the spaghetti sauce.  We had invited two friends from here in Breesport, Allyn & Sherry, and Jeff and his lovely wife Patti for dinner.  Sherry made a wonderful tossed salad to go with dinner.  I was amused to see that only the "girls" had salad, while the "guys" went straight for the spaghetti, meat sauce and bread!  It turned out to be a very nice evening, but I was exhausted by the time we got the dishes done and everything put away.  More news soon.

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