Saturday, August 1, 2015

From New Hampshire, to Maine, to Massachusetts

Here are a few pictures we took at the campground in Epsom, NH.

The last picture is of the river.  It really was pretty there.

After two days in New Hampshire, we had an appointment at Camping World to have the RV looked at for repairs, or at least an estimate on the damage to the RV caused when we hit a road work cone on the way to New Hampshire, and made worse by the bumps in the road along the way.  We had thought it was just a relatively minor repair needed, but we were very wrong.  It will require removing the door and the step and the blown in insulation, and a whole lot of rebuilding before they can put it back together.  Their estimate was for over 40 hours of labor, at $129/hour.  OMG!!!!!  We called the insurance company to start filing a claim.  I was totally in shock!  The first guy I spoke to said to continue our travels so we went on to the Elks lodge in Saco, Maine.  Later, the adjuster called me back.  She was very nice and talked me through everything.  We took the pictures she requested and scanned the Camping World estimate into my computer, and emailed them to her.  Now we have to wait to hear back from her.  I had hoped we would be able to go see Jeff and Patty's son Matt who lives near Portland, Maine, but in the three days we were there, we just didn't get the time to go.  We are trying to save money because we expect that the insurance will leave not only the deductible but also some depreciation costs for us to cover.  Toll roads and turnpikes are quite expensive when you have an RV AND a tow car.  One day alone cost us $19.00 in tolls. 

This is the beautiful Elks lodge we stayed at in Saco, ME.
Most of you know I can't eat seafood, but I had to take a picture of this place in Maine.

This was almost across the street from the Lodge.  I love lighthouses, but this was as close as we've gotten so far.

Yesterday we left Maine and drove down to Lowell, Massachusetts.  Again we are at an Elks lodge.  It is also a very nice place.

We crossed this bridge coming into a small section of New Hampshire before getting to Massachusetts.
This is the Elks lodge we are at now.  Today we took a drive to see some of the area. 

The first three pictures are from when we drove around this area, and were taken in the town of Chlemsford, MA.  The last pix is of the Rourke Bridge we crossed coming back to the Elks lodge.  We got a brief bit of rain, but it stopped before we got back to the RV.  Here's something we think is kind of odd.  Across the street from the lodge is the Lowell Fire Department and Emergency center.  Since we've been here, there has been one to three ambulances parked here, almost all the time, with people sitting in them.  We don't know why they are here instead of across the street.  They aren't bothering us, but it just seems a little bit odd. 
When we got back from our little outing today, it had stopped raining and was hot and sunny....and Jim decided to put out the awning, so we could enjoy it. Before I could finish typing this, we had a for real thunderstorm come up. Jim ran outside to lower the awning, and hopefully it will let up, and the awning will dry out before we leave here tomorrow.
We will be heading south again into Rhode Island for one night at the Elks Lodge in Smithfield, before going to Mystic Seaport, in Connecticut.  Ever since I first saw the movie "Mystic Pizza" many years ago, I have wanted to visit this beautiful area.  I am really looking forward to our stay there.  That's all for now, so I'll close for today, and wish you all good times and hope you will take time to appreciate this beautiful country of ours.   

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