Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mystic, CT part II

Before I write about our adventures here in Mystic, I would like to make a follow up note regarding a place we had lunch at, that I wrote about August 1st.  It was called Hidden Springs Maple.  The food was marginal at best, but we were having a good time, so I let that pass.  I used a credit card to pay for our meal and the maple candies we bought, and received a printed paper receipt.  A few days later, I got an email "receipt" that asked if I was satisfied with my visit there.  I had NOT given them my email address, so I don't understand how they got it.  I wrote back and asked, but to this date, I have not gotten an answer.  I don't know how you would feel about that, but I feel violated, and I think they owed me an answer.  Since I did not get one, after several requests, I told them I would report this on my blog, and now I have.  I would not go there again, and suggest others not either.  Nuff said!
Today we loaded the dogs, and water bottles in the car and set out on a quest to follow the "Mystic Pizza Trail".  We visited and photographed all the places that were listed for being in my favorite movie.  I won't take the time to post all the pictures, but it was fun.  Later we stopped for ice cream sundaes at Twisters.

The view of the Mystic River from their patio was really great.  We went back down town in Mystic to visit the Mystic River Popcorn Factory.  It has an open park with a view of the drawbridge.  While we were there, we got to see the bridge lifted for boats to go through.

This is how the bridge looks when it's in the "down" position, for land traffic.  The picture below shows the huge concrete blocks that serve

as counter weights when the 70 horsepower motor lifts the bridge.  In the past, the bridge was actually raised by teams of horses!

As you can see, the bridge goes up gradually, and then the boats start going through.  First were the small power boats, then the tall masted sailing boats, then finally a little inflatable brought up the rear!  It was so impressive really.  We decided it would be fun to take the Mystic Express 40 minute boat ride on the river, if they would allow us to take the dogs on the boat with us.  He said yes, and the adventure began.  The dogs weren't sure they wanted to board, but once they got on, all was well.  Willie really enjoyed the wind and the smooth ride.  Millie wanted to see everything.  Here are a few pictures of what we saw, by no means will this be everything, but it was a great ride.
 We were told this boat, named Sanctuary, belongs to Tiger Woods.  He arrived a couple days ago. 


This lighthouse is a 1/3 scale replica of the oldest New England lighthouse, which I think he said is still operating in Maine.

We saw this horse and carriage from the boat.  I don't know the story here, but wanted to get the picture anyway.

These boats are filled with young people learning to sail.  They come and live on one very large, old boat for several days while they learn to handle a sailboat.

 The second picture is a boat like we were riding on, and the third picture is of an eagle nest with "mom and dad" in it.  Last, but not least, is a picture of our fearless Captain, without whom the Minnow would be lost!  It was a great day, but now we are happy to be home, and will pack up tomorrow to travel to our next stop, at the Elks lodge in Fairfield, CT.  It's only 72 miles, according to my GPS, but with the RV in uncertain shape, and the stress that causes for us, we are keeping our travel days short.  Take care, stay well, and please everyone, don't forget to pray for Alice every day.  Stay well and safe.  If you are in a fire danger area, please stay alert and safe, and enjoy America.


  1. Very nice pictures. Sounds like you're having a pretty good time.
    I'd like to know how they got your email too. I'm guessing from your credit card company.

    1. I do pay my credit card bill online, but they do NOT email my bill to me. I have asked them to, in order to save time and paper, but they said they don't do that. It doesn't seem like they should give it out, but who knows????