Friday, August 21, 2015

Still at Thousand Trails in Hershey, PA

As I reported last time, Jim Landvater replaced the shrouds on our A/C units on Wednesday.  On Thursday we had an incredible thunder storm.  We were so glad we had the work done before all that rain, no leaking occurred. 

Here's Millie after I took her out that day in the rain.  She won't even lift her head up.  LOL

Our insurance adjuster went on vacation  on Wednesday.....luckily I contacted her on Tuesday.  We told her that an auto body shop in Duncannon, PA can do the repairs on the RV, starting next Tuesday.  We had Jim Lanvater take the pictures of the damage on the RV, and send them to the shop.  They have prepared an estimate and sent it to the insurance people for review.  We ARE taking it in for the work on Tuesday.  The estimate was much less than what Camping World had estimated, because they wanted to take the whole side off the motorhome, behind the passenger door.  This guy says that is totally unnecessary. 
We will have to be out of our house for 3 to 5 work days, and the insurance should cover the cost of that too.  Here's where the difficulty came in.  We could find any number of motels we could stay at from Tuesday through Thursday.....but there is a HUGE car show nearby in Carlisle and almost all of the motels and hotels in the area are sold out for the whole weekend.  We drove over to the place that is doing the repairs today, to see where it is and ask if they knew any place we could stay at that week.  At first they didn't think they could help, so we left to come back home.  Before we got back home, a lady in the office, named Jessica, called me.  She had found and reserved us a room at the Red Roof Inn in Harrisburg.  YAY!!!  I called the Inn and used my credit card to hold the room.  And they agreed not to charge anything until we check out.  Since we don't know how many days we'll be there, I was glad we won't have to commit to a certain number of days up front.  Now we just have to figure out what we will need to take with us to the Inn, and what we can leave in the RV.  We figure we can do some sight seeing while we are waiting for the work to be done.  I'll post picture next week.  This will alter our travel plans for going to Chesapeake Bay and beyond, but our home will be fixed and that's what matters most.  Always counting our blessings.  take care and keep the rubber side down as you travel this great land.  Enjoy America!!!!!  Bye for tonight.



  1. Wow ! Now that is some really good news 😃
    And I'm happy for all y'all (that's the plural of y'all). Things are looking up. Cute picture of Milly in her rain slicker. Keep smilin '

  2. I did it!!! I have been trying to figure out how to post for the longest time. Yeah
    Sorry you didn't get to see the lighthouses. I know how much you like them. I'm at work so I better get to it. Now that I know how to do this I can post again later. WEEE.

  3. Thank you for this comment you posted..........but it doesn't say who posted it. Please tell me who you are. I have an idea, but not sure. Thanks.