Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back in the RV Again! YAY

First I would like to tell you about our day trip to the Wolfgang Candy Company in York, PA.  We drove there on Thursday morning.  They have a room where a nice lady makes chocolate candy, and we got to help.

 Here is the finished project!
We bought several kinds of candy while we were there.  Like we need that.  LOL
Then we drove back to the motel and found out we would be able to pick up the RV and leave Pennsylvania on Friday.  When we took the RV in to be worked on, we had to unload ALL the food in the refrigerator, since the RV would not be plugged in (and it would not have been safe for the men working on it to leave the fridge running on propane).  We took all the food from our refrigerator and freezer to the motel and had to store all of it in the small fridge there, and the small one we take with us.  That was the first challenge.  Then we bought some food and the chocolate candies that had to be kept cold so as not to melt.  So Friday morning we got up and tried to figure out how to load everything AND the dogs AND us into the car to drive back to the repair shop to get our home ready for travel again. 

I would also like to mention here that the dogs HATED being in the motel!  They did not eat well, and slept poorly while we were there.  When we got back to the RV, we took them inside and they promptly ran around inside to make sure everything was OK.  We cleaned out the fridge and loaded the food in, and all the other stuff back into the RV so we could get on the road.  We left there about noon time.  I would like to give Noaker Auto Body Shop a shout out here as a really good place that does good work in a timely manner.  We are VERY pleased with the work they did. 

Anyway, we set out for our destination at the Elks in Rockville, MD.   It was about a 150 mile trip, and when we were about 55 miles from our destination, the GPS quit!  The problem turned out to be the DC cord.  It lit up when I plugged it in, but it was not delivering any "juice" to the GPS.  It kept showing low battery.  I had no idea where we had to go, and it kept shutting off!  I would turn it on, and quickly write down the directions until it shut off again......wait a few minutes and do the same again, until I had all the directions to get here.  I told Jim we would NOT be leaving here until we had a working GPS to guide us.  We got set up and went into the Elks lodge to meet the locals.  When we told these nice people (remember BPOE also means "Best People on Earth), they made us a Google map showing how to get to the nearest Best Buy store, where we were able to replace the power cord and now our GPS is back in working order.  YAY!!!!  The funny part was, it took SEVEN store employees almost 10 minutes to find the cord we needed...........and we had brought the defective one with us to show them what it looked like.  LOL

We were going to see about visiting our nation's capitol today, but last night on the news they were reporting a very dangerous sounding situation.  They said violent crime is up 40% and that the chief of police in DC had called for EVERY officer to be on duty ALL weekend we decided we didn't really want to find out how bad things are there right now.  Instead, we had a very nice lunch in the lodge with the very friendly members, who all greeted us and chatted with us.  It has been a wonderful experience, as it always is when we visit an Elks lodge any place we travel. 

Getting back to the dogs.......they are definitely happy to be back in the wheel estate.  Yesterday, when we set out their food, they devoured it right away, and then went back on our bed to take a nap.  This morning they both slept in until 8 am!!!!  It's always good to be back home in your own bed.

One last picture of Jim with his dark chocolate bunny from the candy store.
It's not every day you find an Easter Bunny made of dark chocolate!
Enjoy each day, and have a great life.  Keep the rubber side down.  I know beyond any shred of doubt that we are very Blessed.  God has given us good health, and a good life.  When we hit the road cone that did the damage to the RV, we could have been injured, but we weren't.  We have been in some situations that could have been dangerous to us, but God kept us safe.  He watches over us when we travel, and we thank Him every day for all the many blessings He has given us.  It's a beautiful world, and that is not by chance. 

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