Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Here in Gloucester, Virginia

We spent one night at the Elks Lodge in Fredericksburg, before coming here.  For those of you who are members, this is the home of the new Grand Exalted Ruler, Ronald Hicks.  A member there took us on a tour of his lodge.  He was very proud of it, with good reason.

The pictures above and beside here were taken there.  The original lodge was built in 1903, and the current location is really beautiful.  The mirror above is in the lounge.  The last picture is the game room.  The people were very friendly and made us feel very welcomed there.  They were hosting a fund raiser for a kids charity, that day.  They own 38 acres and even had a fishing pond on the property.  There was a huge and lovely lawn out front, and we really enjoyed our stay there. 
After we left there, we drove south and got here at the Thousand Trails Preserve near Chesapeake Bay by about 12:30 pm.  We wanted to stay longer, but when we made the reservation, we could only book it for 4 days.  However, yesterday we got a call that we will be able to stay through September 10th.  YAY.  We were really happy about that because we want to go see a few lighthouses in the area before we move on next week. 
To my west coast friends
   and family, please note
what we paid for gas a
couple days ago.  Since then, we have seen gas for as low as $1.899/gallon.  I was sooooo shocked to see that. 

Here are a couple photos of some nice looking properties we have seen around here. 

And this last picture is what Jim called a fixer-upper not far from here.  LOL

We got a little rain, with thunder today, so we had to put Willie's Thunder Shirt on him.  As you can see, it does wonders for calming him down! 
I will post more news and pictures after we do some sight seeing in the next few days.
We got a call from our friend Steve, who has moved from California to Norton, VA.  He wants us to come visit him when we leave here.   


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