Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Friendship and Blogs

Many of you may already be familiar with the story about how some people come into our lives for a reason....some for a season.......and some forever.  I have accepted this idea since it has proven to be true on a number of occasions. 

However, I am sad to say that recently I seem to have lost a friend that I have valued for many, many years.  She worked where I worked in California for several years.  Later she & her husband moved to another state, but, thanks to email we kept in touch, and we even got to visit them in 2010 when we made our first trip across country in the retirement wheel estate.  She has been following our blog since I began writing it back in March.  I was hoping our readers would want to post comments on it, because much fun and learning can take place with the exchange of ideas.  So far, only one person has signed in to do so.  This friend has always replied by email instead of posting a comment on the blog, so I wrote back and asked her why she did that.  I thought our friendship was strong enough to allow me to ask that question.  Although I don't understand it, she replied that her computer does not allow her to do so, and she prefers personal email over that form of communication.  It appears that she has terminated our friendship over the question, and that breaks my heart.  I hope in time she will reconsider, since I thought our friendship had already stood the test of time, and would last forever.  I never said I wouldn't acccept her replies by email.  I still care about this friend and hope I will hear from her again someday.  Maybe she will read this and realize how sorry I am to have offended her, and how much I miss hearing from her.

As for anyone else who might want to post comments on the blog, if you click on the comments box at the bottom, I think it will open a box for you to sign into gmail so you can do so.  If you are ALREADY on this internet server, you can probably post right away.  I have no personal, or financial motive in suggesting gmail.  I just think that is what comes up for it.  There is no cost for signing into gmail.  I sincerely hope some of you will choose to do so, in order to have more conversations and exchanges of ideas.  If not, you are STILL welcome to write to me at my email address any time you wish to.  I don't want to ever lose a friend over this.  I like the quote (I don't know who said it so I can't give credit) saying new friends are like SILVER, but old ones are like GOLD.  All are of value, and no one can have too many real friends.  I don't mean when someone says "I have 6000 'friends' on Facebook."  I mean people you actually care about.  Thank you for being my friends, may God bless you with all the good things in life, and some gifts you never knew you needed.
Stay safe, keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up, and as always ENJOY AMERICA!

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