Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Georgia, and Tennessee

After our stay at the KOA in South Carolina, we drove to the Atlanta-Northlake Elks for two nights.  It was a very pleasant lodge. 

The first night there, they had a pot luck dinner.  I made a yummy macaroni salad and we had a great dinner of baked ham, augratin potatoes, veggies, oven baked apples, macaroni salad, cinnamon bread and chocolate cake.  After dinner, they invited us to play a game of trivia with them.  Each table was a team.  We didn't win......but we did have a good time.  We had planned to visit Stone Mountain the next day, but since it rained all day, and was cold and damp, we decided not to go there.  The visit would have cost us $15.00 for parking, and $29.95 each to get in, and with miserable weather, it didn't seem worth the price if we couldn't see everything. 

We had also planned to visit my sister Joan and her family.   Below is a picture of their lovely home.  Alan & his wife, Jen, take care of both Joan (his mom) and also his wife's mom. 

   Not only that, we got to meet his two daughters, and one of his grand kids.  I have to apologize as I'm terrible with names.  We had a lovely visit.  Joan had recently broken her hip, so she requires a lot of care.  I think Alan and his wife are doing a wonderful thing, caring for the mothers at home.  They were delightful and charming, and I'm really glad we got to visit them.  Also, Alan showed us the tear drop trailer he is building in his garage.  It's going to be really cool when he gets done.  We were able to get home before it got dark and before it began raining heavily again.
The next day we drove through moderate rain up to a KOA park in McDonald, TN.  The park was nice enough but the site they gave us was too short for the RV and car.  After we unhooked, I had to park the car sidewards, near where the edge dropped down precipitously.  Kinda scary, but I set the parking brake and we were OK until morning.  We just stayed there one night then came to this KOA Park in Crossville, TN, on Sunday.  I have a dear friend, Sharon Medlar (nee Cadek) with whom I attended school.  We had not seen each other since 1975, at our 10th high school reunion.  After Jim and I were at the 50th reunion in Horseheads this summer, I got Sharon's address, and wrote to her.  She and her wonderful husband Jack live here in Crossville.  Sunday she invited us to enjoy a delicious dinner at her house.  She has a beautiful
home and two very sweet dogs.  I only got a picture of one of the dogs, but they are both sweetie pies!  The picture below is of Jim sitting in their living room.  It is a very comfortable and lovely home.

On Moday, Jack & Sharon took us to the Stonehaus Winery, where we sampled some delightful wines, and bought a few bottles, even one of Aaron Tippin's wines.  We bought some yummy fudge too.
Then we came back to the RV for a dinner I had made.  It was a lovely evening. 

The picture above on the right is of the water tower, identifying this town as the Golf Center of Tennessee.  Jack is an avid golfer too.  I didn't have the heart to tell him we only play mini golf.  LOL.
We had planned to leave here this morning, but it has been raining all night and most of today, so we decided to stay one more day and hope for better travel weather tomorrow.  Since we had the unexpected time for it, we went ahead and made our travel plans for the rest of the trip home.  If we are able to continue our travels as we hope to, we will arrive at Silent Valley, in Banning, CA on October 20th. 
That's all for today.  Keep well, happy travels to those of you who are enjoying seeing this wonderful country.   Keep the shiny side up, and keep the faith.  God is awesome! 


  1. I wish I could have been with you in Georgia.

    1. I wish you could too......and not just in Georgia. I would have loved to share this trip with you too. And what are you doing up at 4:09 am anyway?????