Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our Last Few Days in Pennsylvania

Last Sunday we took a day trip to Delaware because we realized our travel schedule was not going to allow us time to stay there.  I'm glad we did as we really enjoyed the little trip.  First we visited the one room school at the Iron Hill Museum.  Sadly, it was not open, but we got pictures anyway.  The next three pictures were taken at the battle of Cooch's Bridge, which was the only Revolutionary War battle in the state of Delaware.



When we left there, we went west into Maryland, over this bridge, to see the Concord Lighthouse, and the light keepers cottage.

It was a very nice day outing, but we were pretty tired by the time we got back to Hershey, PA. 
 Monday we packed up and moved into the Red Roof Inn in Harrisburg and took the RV to the shop that would be doing the repairs that are needed before we can travel any farther.  Yesterday, we drove to Hanover, PA to visit the UTZ Fine Foods factory and walked the tour.  After the tour, we drove three blocks to the Outlet store where we bought some potato chips, cinnamon pretzels, and a variety of flavored popcorn.  Tomorrow, we plan to travel one more place....the Wolfgang Candy Factory in York, PA.  The good news at this point is......our insurance approved the repairs fully, so we only have to cover the $250.00 deductible, and they will cover the rest.  The insurance will also cover up to $500.00 for the room we are staying in.  Jim talked to the guy in charge of the work today, and he thinks he will have it completed by Friday, so we will hopefully be back on the road by either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.  YAY!!!!!  It looks like we will spend one night at the Washington, DC/Rockville, MD Elks lodge, and maybe I'll get to see our nation's capital before we move on to the Elks lodge in Fredericksburg, VA.  That's not definite, but hopefully we have a starting plan.  Yipee.  Have a great day and a great life.  Don't waste a single day of it.

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