Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mystic, Connecticut...............we made it!!!!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have wanted to come to Mystic Seaport since I first saw the movie Mystic Pizza.  After hitting the road cone, and the subsequent worries about the cost of the damage it did, I had somewhat given up on the hope of getting here........but we got here yesterday.  YAY.  We are staying for three days, maybe four, here at Seaport RV Resort in Old Mystic.  More pictures of this place tomorrow.

  It is a very pricey park, but it is beautiful.  We desperately needed to do laundry, so today we got that out of the way.  Yesterday afternoon, after getting all set up here, we left the dogs, in air conditioned comfort, and went to Mystic Pizza II.  It is actually in Stonington, but it IS where the movie was made.

  It was so fantastic to actually be there, and after all the stress of the past week, I broke down in tears of joy after we were seated.  The waitress rushed over to ask what was wrong.  I told her nothing was wrong, but that we had come all the way from southern California and this was a dream come true for me to be here, and she got teary-eyed too.  We ordered our pizza and I took lots of pictures, even took pictures of part of the menu!  LOL.

It was the BEST PIZZA we have ever had......it topped Chicago pizza AND even New York pizza!  WOW.
Before we left, Jim bought me a Mystic Pizza tee shirt.  Our waitress took our picture too.

And last but not least, Jim took a picture of me with our waitress, Laura, and the hostess, sorry I didn't get her name.  Sadly, after enjoying a local brew, it looks like Jim couldn't hold the camera steady!  LOL  The tallest girl is the hostess.  Laura is on the left.  There was a lot of hugs and well wishes for our travels from Laura and well wishes from other customers too.  It was an amazing afternoon for me, and I am so grateful to Jim for making my dream come true.  Tomorrow, we are going to take the dogs with us and visit beautiful Mystic Seaport Village and do the touristy stuff.  I will post more stories and pictures tomorrow.  Stay well and happy.  Take care of the people you love, and enjoy America.  It's still the greatest land of all!  Keep the rubber side down as you travel.

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  1. I am so glad you had such a fine time. And exceptional pizza with mystical beer...Yum.