Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year to all

Hello Everyone,
We sure hope all of you had a pleasant New Year's eve, and are looking forward to a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year.  I'm sorry I didn't post during the Christmas season, but I barely found time to answer emails, so I'll try to catch up now.  I hope this won't run too long.  LOL.  
As you know, I was terribly frustrated that the post office in Palm Desert could not find the package with the beautiful Raggedy Ann doll for our grand daughter, who is in Bloomfield, NY.  We decided to buy a little plush stuffed lion to send to her along with the gifts for the rest of her family.  Finally, on December 30th, we got a call from Silvia, the lady in Las Vegas who made the doll, that it had just been returned to her.  She is sending it to me here in Wilderness Lakes and I'm supposed to get it (by UPS not the post office) on Monday.  I can't wait to see it.  YAY, then I'll send it on the baby Willow.  Better late than never I guess.

We got back to Wilderness Lakes on December 18th.  ALL of the 50 amp sites were already taken.  We found a 30 amp site we could get into, and were able to lock onto a signal for our Direct TV satellite, so we considered ourselves fairly fortunate.  However, the tree next to us seems to be a favorite perching place for many large Jim has to clean the car off every day!!!  Yuck.  We were afraid to park the car in front of the RV since our neighbors come awfully close to our RV when they drive up with their car.  They have a 37 foot 5th wheel trailer, that has been here since before we got here, and they have only spent one night here.  After cleaning the car off four times on Wednesday, we are now parking in front of our motor home!   Many people did a lovely job of decorating their RVs for Christmas.

This picture is the front of our motor home, with the lights Jim put up.

This beautiful blue heron was spotted across the canal from our site, and he waited for me to get his picture before he flew away.

The weather has been cold, for here.  Last week we had to dig out our electric blanket to keep warm enough at night.  Even Millie crawls under the covers each night!

 We were amazed to see such a large flock of white egrets here in the park.  

We wanted to drive up to Silent Valley to pay our annual dues, and this was what we saw on the drive up the mountain, and at the park.  Happily, we were able to leave the snow behind when we came home.

 They decided to have a New Year's eve party here at Wilderness Lakes, for the first time.  They provided a DJ to play music for listening and dancing.  Everybody brought their own snacks and drinks, so there was no cost.  YAY.  Not all of his music was what we liked, but there was enough for us to dance till our feet hurt.  Hahahahaha
As you can see, the family lodge was nicely decorated for the Christmas season too.  They provided party hats and noise makers, and we did make some noise!
I had to get a picture of Jim dancing with Mary. 

The other lady, dancing with the life size dummy, lives here year round.  I don't know if she uses "George" to get into the carpool lane.  He's not too realistic, but she had fun, and he never steps on her feet.  Here's Mary, getting down with the music.  We knew someone would decide to set off fireworks around midnight, so we left before 11 pm to get home to our furry kids.  

They were happy to see us, and we hadn't been home for more than a few minutes when we started to hear the fireworks.  Willie ran to hide under the bed, and Millie cuddled up next to me on the couch.  We managed to last until the ball dropped in Times Square, and had a champagne toast to the grand year we have had, and to the year ahead.  I'm not really making any resolutions, since most people fail at keeping the ones they make.  It has been a wonderful year, so I plan to continue to thank the Almighty God for our many blessings.  I hope to continue keeping a positive outlook as we move ahead in this year, and be always thankful for all God has given us.  Please try to look on each day as an opportunity for more fun and adventures.  Life is GREAT!!!!!  Stay well, and keep on doing what you like to do.  Life is too short to put things off.  Bye for now.


  1. It was very nice to see you after so many months. Your New Year’s party looks fun. I enjoyed the e-card and video you sent. Happy New Year y'all

    1. You know you ARE welcome any time you want to come visit. Since we are staying "local" this year, you don't have to be a stranger. Just give us a call, and we'll tell the rangers you are coming.

  2. Looks like you ended the Old Year and rang in the New Year in a fun and memorable way. Nice of the park to have a party. Really enjoyed all the pics, especially of the two of you, and Jim sure did a great job decorating your rig and space for Christmas. God bless you both and here's to many blessings and happy surprises in 2016!

    1. It was all good. We met some nice people at the party too. Campers are great folks! Look at how lucky we were to meet the two of you when we were in Santa Rosa, NM! That was a very special blessing. We always try to keep a positive outlook about whatever lies ahead. And we look forward to when you come back too. Happy New Ears to you both, and safe travels too.